How parents have to recognize his child real friends and fake friends with BlurSPY?

How parents have to recognize his child real friends and fake friends with BlurSPY?

In the modern world, full of smartphones and social media networks. Everyone carries a smartphone these days. It has become a necessity to have social media accounts. Moreover, to connect and improve your public relations, you have to be on these platforms to be more interactive and socially mingled.

Technologies have gone so far that no one would have ever imagined that you can track their phone calls and messages and now anyone can get access to their social media accounts just by downloading an application.

Furthermore, there are lots of disadvantages to these platforms for kids because there are lots of scams and frauds that cannot be detected or identified by the child on the internet. So, it is very important to look at the activities of your kids. For that, BlurSPY has given the ease to the parents that they can now digitally check and control their kid activities.

These scammers, swindlers, and marauders trap the kids via these social platforms because teenagers usually add or accept requests from people, they have not met in person which in turn becomes worse.

BlurSPY helps you to protect your kids from these cheats and scams as it is increasing day by day. This app for the security of your kids to save them from any kind of mishap and stop them from any wrong path which they did not recognize. Additionally, this app would help you recognize your kid’s real and fake friends.

How to detect fake profiles on social media 

Besides, these platforms have become the fastest way of communication these days in the world still lots of people are making hundreds and thousands of fake profiles. They befriend as many people as possible. They would have a huge number of friends list approximately more than a thousand or have the least number of friends that is less than a hundred.

They keep their Facebook status updated every time or won’t update it all. The number of fake profiles is less but they are unhealthy and dangerous for your kids. BlurSPY apps secretly help you to spy on your kid’s social account to keep them well protected from these fraudsters and predators.

Online thieves

These are the social accounts that steal your kid’s personal information like home address, school name and address, contact number, and then spy on you to get access to your house or the kid to rob in their house. Only children will not understand their purpose so this app would allow the parents to check such alarming things about their kids.


These spammers send you malware or anything that would just hack your system and stuff. Kids unaware of these hacking links would just open them up without knowing. Parents can control their activities by just looking at those links.

Marauders and prowlers 

Predators and prowlers are ones who stalk you, pretends to be your kid’s peer, they are just faking all the things and just trapping your kids. So, the BlurSPY app would help you to control your kid’s activity that whether if they are talking with the right person or not.

Bot profiles on the world wide web 

These profiles are usually generated by the system itself because of the fake accounts being generated by the human’s malware or any hacking software. So they are automatically generated by the system which results in viruses.

Besides, they are run by the hacker or scammers on the world wide web. Be careful about these bots on social media.

Educate your kid

The most important thing to do is to educate your kid about these scammers and predators along with the stalkers because kids are kids, they are not mature enough to understand all the consequences. Besides, you can take them about all the consequences of using these platforms of social media. This can reduce the risk in a limited way still you need something extra to save and protect your child from these harmful and dangerous things.

Being a parent, you have to maintain trust between you and your child that is so important but you cannot force your kid as this would lead them to become more aggressive and make them angry.

Tell your kid about the fake and real profiles identifying signs as well.

BlurSPY making it easy for you

BlurSPY is one of the apps which helps you and gives you every detail of your kid’s smartphone. Our app gives you access to all of the social accounts of your kids. Even they can trace location, record calls and also, interrupt the messages. So, you can have a look at your kids’ activity without breaking their trust that you are keeping a check on them and bombarding them with questions and all that usually irritates any kid or your child. You can simply check them by installing our application on their phone. Our application keeps working in the background operating system.

Our application is available to download on both windows and mac. You can easily download our app on Android phones as well as iPhones.

We have different plans for you. Select any plan which suits you the best and then starts monitoring your kid digitally through a different PC or device without letting them know that you are aware of their every activity.

Parents monitoring their kids safely and securely 

A kid can never understand the intention of any unknown person on the world wide web and social accounts. They talk to the kids very nicely and sweetly making them feel like they are their only well-wishers and online peers which usually results in dangerous things and fake friendships because they disappear when they are done with what they want to do. You don’t need to go out anywhere to check on your kid now it has become so easy. It is necessary to have a spying app for the kids.

Only parents can recognize if someone is having bad intentions for their kids or they are not their reals friends through their messages. Besides, even parents would recognize as their kid’s fake friends after regularly checking their messages history, listening to their phones, by checking their social accounts details. All of the things do matter.

In the world, full of technologies getting advanced day by day. Artificial intelligence has developed so many amazing things that you cannot imagine.

Our BlurSPY app has special discounts on different occasions too.

In a nutshell 

All in all, kids cannot recognize their real and fake friends. They have to be guided by their parents on the right path or stop them from going on the wrong path because sometimes, something would not let the kid’s mind distinguish if something is wrong. So it is a must that parents should keep checking their kid’s daily routine where are they going, who are they meeting, and everything their kids are doing so that they can protect them from their fake friends. They would only misguide you from the right doings. Now, you are just one tap away from saving your kid from fake friends. Have a happy BlurSPY day.

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