Privacy Policy

According to the GDPR European law We only reserved data of the users up to 45 days only that will be automatically deleted. However, the user has immunity to delete its private data whenever they want within no time due to some odd reasons.

BlurSPY has adopted a very user-friendly privacy policy which offers the deletion of data after a particular period so that the user does not need to worry about privacy. Even if the person using this mobile tracking app feels uncomfortable or has any other reason to stop spying, he can delete his data at the time of his choice. Which means that data is safe at both ends, the user and tracking app owner. Here are some terms which need to be understood by you:

Account means the link between you and BlurSPY, the data you provide them, i.e. personal or payment and the services that BlurSPY offers you all collectively fall in terms of “account.”

Content covers everything which you will be monitoring using BlurSPY like audio, video, calls, messages, documents etc.

Cookies are used to make your website visits quicker and to open the content of your choice while keeping an eye on your preferences.

Data that you provide to the BlurSPY app while making your account includes your information both personal and payment.

Services include the tracking of your preference, i.e. if you wish to track the location of your target device or any bit of information that is desired to be collected depends upon your choice.

For example, If you are going to monitor your kids/employee device whose data you have provided to the BlurSPY website, then you are the user.

BlurSPY asks you for the following information which will always be safe in all aspects:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Job
  • Professional field
  • Contact information may include both your number and email address
  • Your residential information of general kind such as postal code of your area etc.
  • The IP address of your device is automatically collected by BlurSPY
  • The payment information includes your debit or credit card numbers
  • While registering on BlurSPY monitoring app, it collects some general information automatically such as the browser you are using and the Windows operating system
  • The sites you often visit might also be monitored to know your preferences

How does BlurSPY use your data?

BlurSPY is focused on conserving your privacy and is aimed to build a trustworthy relationship between the company and the customer. The data that you provide will be saved until you are availing the services of BlurSPY. Once you stop using it, your data will be deleted including all your banking details and your device’s information.

The facts you provide to BlurSPY will never be disclosed to any third party implying that you can trust BlurSPY.

  • Blurspy is obliged with Data protection act.
  • The company may use your provided data to ensure the provision of specific services to you and for facilitation in other ways. The reasons for which BlurSPY will use your data can be any of the following:
  • To maintain records
  • Up gradation of services for you
  • To promote to you new services via your email
  • You might also be contacted for research purposes

Third-party services

BlurSPY may need to involve some third parties at seldom times to complete the customer requirements such as payment, delivery, search engine monitoring, advertising, etc. The stakeholders that may involve in these services do not have access to your private data and are only provided with the data necessary for them such as card number. The data to which third parties can get access is also secured and strictly monitored by BlurSPY.

  • If in case BlurSPY has made a new division to control the tracking services, your data may be provided to the new operators, but before that, you will be contacted and asked if you want data sharing or not to the new heads. If not you may delete your data with ease.

Security of Your Data

  • When you are filling up the required fields, you can restrict the use of your data such as promotional emails or sharing it with any other party for any purpose. If you are not feeling safe, you can prohibit this.
  • Even though some services can be availed without providing your complete information to BlurSPY. But in order to avail full command on your desired services you will be asked to fill the fields. If you do not wish the website to use your data the cookies can be restricted.
  • You the user, can access your account anytime if you want to change something in your form, or wish to amend it. If you want a copy of your provided data to BlurSPY as a proof, you can get that by paying a minor amount.
  • Security is the utmost preference of BlurSPY, which provides all the possible healthy environments to help you saving your personal information from any damage or harm. The procedures used to process data are also professional and foolproof.
  • BlurSPY needs to set some cookies on your system to make your access easy, and all these cookies are used according to the security measure. These cookies are specifically designed to make the smooth flow of services possible. They are used to analyze your preferences and choices. The browsing preferences are also kept in consideration while following this procedure.
  • If you get annoyed by the website notifications, at the time of registration you are provided with a message bar which asks you if you want to allow notifications or not.
  • If you allow the cookies, BlurSPY ensures the provision of best offers and services which may be restricted to some extent if you do not allow cookies.
  • Still, some of the features are inbuilt and once you register you will not be asked for permission to allow those.

If you wish to delete your data, the cookies will also be deleted. Unlike the transfer of data in which you will be asked to enable or disable the cookies whenever the company is transferring your data to outer operators. You can allow or prohibit third-party involvement, promotional stuff, and many other functions.

If you update your windows or your internet browser, the BlurSPY is not affected, but if you keep using the old browsers and do not update them when necessary, it may affect the performance of BlurSPY to some extent.

Company’s policy

BlurSPY is free to change its privacy policy if it feels the need to, the expected changes will be posted on the website, and you will have to agree to them in order to keep on smooth running.

BlurSPY collects from you two types of information:

  • One is personal which includes your postal code, profession, etc.
  • And other is about your device such as the IP address, browsing history, etc. which is collected automatically without bothering you.

When you share your precious information with us, it is an agreement between you and BlurSPY, which will be kept safe and secure. It is BlurSPY’s policy to keep its promise and secure your data. No other one can access it except under certain circumstances. To ensure the security of your data, multiple measures are taken. Even though anyone can access our website but to start availing our services and offers one must share his personal information which is processed and verified by BlurSPY before declaring you a member of BlurSPY. After you give us your email, a verification email is sent to you. You must click the provided link to verify your account. You are approached by BlurSPY if they need any additional information or if you want to make any change in the already submitted information. If by any chance you do not provide the required info, you cannot use our services. Your information is highly confidential, and we truly understand that. That’s why it is never at any danger of being leaked or intentionally shared with anyone or even hacked.

BlurSPY has a clear policy of consent. Which says that if you want to track the device of a person, you will have to provide the letter of consent signed by that particular person or organization. For instance, if you are spying on your company’s systems, your company needs to sign on the consent letter so that you can get access to the data being provided by BlurSPY.

Device’s Verification

BlurSPY needs to verify that our app is being used for legal purposes only and it does not include any such data which may be harmful to the country, person or organization. Which may consist of data sensitive to intelligence agencies. For that, we need to check the record provided by you. We will check it without notifying your target which ensures your safety.

Age Restriction

BlurSPY does not allow minors to use our tracking services and needs proves about age too. If parents are tracking their kids’ device, he must be under 18 years of age because after that he is independent and is not supposedly dependent.

Target’s Information

Along with the user’s information, we ask you to provide general information about the person you want to spy on. For that we will need his/her name, age, address, phone number, etc. and just like the user’s information, the target’s data is always secured and protected.

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