The Pros and Cons of Social Media Screening

The Pros and Cons of Social Media Screening

Social media has become an integral part of every person’s life. Various research studies have shown that people spend more than 5-6 hours every single using social media sites. This time doesn’t include the phone use for other purposes and use of the internet. Facts and stats show people are obsessed with social media sites.

This addiction or obsession leads to many severe effects on the brain development, attitude, behaviour and professional skills of the people. Teens use social media and are tracked by parents but adults know how they can keep themselves safe on these sites and protect their data. The use of social media has impacts on the lives of people as well as affects their career. Social media screening is just one example.

What is Social Media Screening

Social media screening is a process by which the companies, employers and HR officers use social media to recruit potential candidates for a vacant position in their organization. Some people believe social sites can help them find the best and unusual candidates who can be perfect for their companies.

This whole process of researching the candidates, checking their profiles, public posts, what they have been sharing and what kind of attitude a person possesses publically. With the help of these factors, they determine if a person can be suitable for their company or cause them a bad reputation.

One group argues social media screening is unethical.

There is a huge debate out there these days regarding social media screening. Two groups exist with totally different beliefs or stances. The one group believes it is against the ethical and moral values. Screening is an attack on a person’s privacy rights. The group also remarks that companies should not pay heed to what a person does or shares on social media and it should not affect their jobs.

The other group believes it helps them find potential candidates.

On the other side, the other group argues this is a good step when it comes to hiring potential candidates for a slot in an organization. According to this group, the social media posts and behaviour of a person is important for an organization. Companies should know who they are hiring, what kind of behaviour the candidate owns and how good or bad they can be for the company.

Pros of Social Media Screening

  • Insights into a candidate’s abilities
  • It reveals the true nature of a potential candidate
  • A good way to check a person’s background
  • Makes the recruiting process easier
  • Relevant to social media professionals
  • Good opportunity for candidates to secure a job

Insights into Candidates’ Abilities

There was a time when more than 80% of companies were using this method to find the best and potential candidates for their organization. It was a very effective option to learn better about the candidates, their abilities, potential skills, strengths, and weaknesses.

Makes Recruitment Process Easier

When companies use this option to find their potential candidates, it improves the recruitment process and makes it more effective. Less time is consumed this way and the companies can independently learn about their potential employees using social media websites.

Best Opportunity for Social Media Professionals

Many organizations have slots for social media professionals. For such slots, the best people with social media management experience are preferred for these slots. This can be a good opportunity for social media professionals to get recruited to these positions.

Cons of Social Media Screening

  • It can reveal protected information
  • Attack on a person’s privacy rights
  • This method cannot always be reliable
  • It raises employment opportunity concerns
  • Inconsistent information available
  • It leads to increased favouritism or nepotism

Attack one Candidates’ Privacy

As one group argues, this is considered a straight attack on the privacy of the people. When companies use social media, go through their posts, check what they share and learn about their good or bad behaviour, people are exposed. This can lead to loss of a job and not getting hired for a job slot.

It Leads to Nepotism/Favouritism

Many people know each other through social media. It can lead to favouritism and affect the real process of hiring employees. Companies may end up hiring unprofessional or less competent people for important job positions. Many people have shared this concern and this is the reason why social media screening has reduced.

This May Lead to Legal Issues

As there are two groups, one in favor and the other against this method, it can lead to some troubles for companies and employers. If people are a check on social media sites, they may go to the court for lawsuits against the companies. It has thus ceased to exist these days and lesser people use social media screening for hiring employees.


Social media screening is believed to be a practical and effective option to research about the potential candidates for any job slot. But it carries its pros and cons which are argued these days among the researchers. In short, it can help companies find the best employees for their companies.

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