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Protect Your Teens from Nightmare’s on this Halloween with BlurSPY

It should be adults who should be scared this Halloween. Not of ghouls and goblins, but psychology is scaring their children.

According to a recent study 6 to 7 years old kids in Philadelphia, an expert psychologist named Cindy Dell Clark said that the majority of parents underestimate this fact that how scary the holiday can be for your teens and tweens.

Halloweens is terrifying for teens of all ages for centuries.

Parents are usually divided into two groups when it comes to Halloween. One group of moms and dads think that it has negative effects on their teens. On the other hand, some believe that is all about having fun. Well, everything has its pros and cons, so as Halloween.

Yes, we can’t escape the eve of all days celebrated as Saint’s day. We can save our teens from getting into a problem.

Negative impacts of Halloween on teens:

Halloween can leave a negative impact on your teen, here we discussed negative lessons Halloween teaches to teens:

“Be Selfish”:

Halloween can ignite the spark of selfishness in your kid. The festive night can quickly turn into getting all the candies. Your child may win the battle of getting all the candies in his pocket. But there is a darker side also. You may find your child complaining that his siblings get more.

Selfishness is something you never want to inhibit your child. Halloween will be over, but this selfishness will not be over. Kids learn to be selfish at school also. Slowly and gradually selfishness will become an imperative part of their nature. So, being a parent, you should combat this bad habit once you noticed it.

Once I was also a selfish child, but my mother always praises me whenever I forget to take candies from my sister. Her praise helped me in leaving this bad habit.

“Darkness is scary”

If you got a kid who is always scared from darkness then Halloween is going to make matters even worst.  All the ghost props and terrifying decorations will leave your child scary at night.

All the witches, goblins and ghosts can even cause nightmares to teens.

“Meet the stranger”

The most terrifying fact about Halloween is that it teaches your teen not to be afraid of strangers. Although Halloween is regarded as the safest day of the year. Majority of the parents spends hours in teaching their Childs about “dangers of strangers”.  On Halloween, your teen is more likely to meet with strangers on different parties and celebration points.

Not all strangers are good. Most people attend these parties to target young teens for their dangerous activities. Usually taking candies from strangers is something that they get into trouble.

Protect Your Teens From Nightmare on Halloween:

On Halloween, teens are no more bound to home, school or colleges only. A night out will teach them to allot new experience. On the other hand, they can be trapped in more troubles. In this virtual world, it is not necessary to find out a stranger teen, just met at a random Halloween party. The online world is emerging as a significant threat to the teen’s security and safety. Beast is not only in the frictional world. They exist in the real world also. They are also ready to attack the weak and young souls whenever it is possible. In these circumstances, it is mandatory to take steps for assuring your teen’s security and safety.

Use BlurSPY Phone Monitoring App:

The BlurSPY phone monitoring system is just ready to solve your problems regarding the day of Halloween. The mysterious realm is no more a mystery to solve. With is amazing and astonishing features, BlurSPY freed parents from their worries about their children on the day of Halloween.

Stop worrying about the strangers your child met at the festival of Halloween because now you will be always able to see what they are doing.

You desire, we provide! On the special occasion of Halloween, we are providing 50% off on the BlurSPY parental app. We know you want to buy new props and makeups on this special festival. But on the other hand, you want to monitor your teen also. So, avail of this offer and spy now!

Block stranger’s calls:

With BlurSPY, you can block any anonymous calls coming on your teen’s cell phone. Just make use of the call management feature of the best parental monitoring app to block the unknown number. Restrict your teen’s contacts with blur spy.

Text Messages:

BlurSPY will allow you to sneak into the private conversation of your teen. Track all the sent messages with details via your dashboard. Now whatever your teens will text to anyone you will know immediately. Without giving the slightest hint to the target device owner.

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