Protecting Your Company Reputation from Cyber attacks

Protecting Your Company Reputation from Cyber-attacks

In the past few years, there have been multiple incidents where the companies and brands lost important and sensitive customer data as well as company details. Yahoo has been one of the worst victims of cyber-attacks. Facebook is the most recent example. Equifax also suffered the same attacks where it lost credit card information of more than 140 users. These are just a few examples.

At the moment, companies are having multiple issues and protecting the company data and user information is one of the biggest and most serious ones. Cyber-attacks are common and no one knows when they will get hit. The results are alarming. The companies affected in attacks and hacking have faced backlash and their reputations have been ruined. But this can be averted if you do a few things to improve the business security and protection of the data.

Ways to Prevent Cyberattacks:

We have prepared a list of doable things that any business company or brand can implement to strengthen their security and prevent cyber attacks.

Educate Your Staff

The contemporary day companies should work to educate the staff about cybersecurity and how important it is. It should even be on company policy to ensure best practices to improve the security of the data and sensitive information. From devices to computers- everything digital within the organization should be protected in the best possible ways.

Be an Example for Team

The bosses, as well as managers at the top position, must practice security measures for the company. They should not compromise when it comes to securing official data and information related to the customers. There should be strict rules on how important data should be protected. If the bosses fail to practice security, they should not expect the staff to take care of the data.

Know where you’re Vulnerable

Another best thing companies should do is to figure out the areas where they can get attacked. This is a part of a great strategy to avert cyber attacks. If you don’t know your weak areas or potential that can expose maximum data to the hackers, you will not be in a position to improve security measures. Find out all such areas and work on them in order to make them hacking proof.

Use Quality Hardware

This is really sad to see how companies and organization focus on using the best and latest software ignoring the hardware factor. Hardware is as important as software. You can’t expect a 90s PC to protect your data even though have you have installed the latest software. Always use quality and the best hardware and even more important is to work to secure them from any hacking attempts and attacks.

Deploy Security Tools

Many companies out there offer services to the organization for making their security better. They have tools and ways to improve data protection, encryption and protect the customer data. The banking sector is using such tools excessively and they have helped banks improve their safety to a great extent.

Use Cloud Services

Not many people know that cloud services are way securer and safer than traditional data storage tools. The use of cloud services is increasing whether it is about storing data or using them as web hosting. Most of the big tech companies now rely on cloud services as they promise better security to your data and other details. The cloud service providers monitor data all the time and can prevent any attacks on time.

Hire the Best Cyber Professionals

We have talked about how companies can face backlash and bad reputation if they become victims of data breaches. But if they invest in the best and right cybersecurity professionals, they can stop anything from the hackers. There are a good number of cyber specialists who are helping big companies to protect their data and keep their cybersecurity updated. You need this kind of guys on your team.

Use Employee Monitoring App

Apart from what we have discussed regarding cybersecurity, there is one other option left and that is even more powerful, better and more affordable than all. That is to use a powerful employee monitoring app. BlurSPY hidden spy app is the best app out there any employer needs for improving their cybersecurity.

This app maximizes your workplace safety as well as helps you protect your data. Moreover, with the app employers can monitor the employees, know their online activities, check internet use and find out if the staffs are involved in any fishy thing. The app can potentially prevent any cyber attacks or attempts in advance.

Employers are using this sort of options and they have reported an increase in their safety measures. The app not only helps prevent attacks, but it also improves the productivity of your staff as well. When you track employees, they know you are watching them and you will experience a significant improvement in their performance.


Data protection is one of the worst challenges the modern-day companies are facing. If it happens, the victim faces even more losses in form of bad reputation, customer loss, and financial losses. For this reason, companies should improve their data protection and use the employee monitoring tool to further strengthen the data protection by keeping eyes on the staff.

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