Reality Mobile's Spy Phone Tech

Reality Mobile Spy Phone Tech

Reality Mobile has developed a security and surveillance system for the Los Angeles Port that is 43 Km in length with 27terminals. The security upgrade for the post cost the government $4.2 million and the system is really impressive. The cops and guards on the port will be able to watch every part of the coastline. They can even capture any part of the road and the video will appear on the screens of their phones.

Government Uses Reality Mobile Security System for Coastline guarding.

The system also allows the guards to share their screen and what is going on there with other people in the network. Like, a guard sees something strange and is not able to reach that point, he will share the live video with other guards in that area to monitor and check what is actually happening there. The system is stunning and really powerful. With this security update, the guards are able to fully monitor the coastline and prevent any illegal activities.

Reality Mobile has been making some impressive software and security tools for the government as well as private sector. 80% of their revenue comes from government projects. When Obama had to visit, the security officers used the app developed by Reality Mobile to share videos with other guards. It is not just limited to here.

A Similar Video Surveillance System is used by the Military in Afghanistan.

According to Forbes, the soldiers and military officers in Afghanistan use the similar video surveillance system. They pull out the vide of any terrorist or criminal arrested in the cells and share it with the officers sitting in the US or anywhere. Then instructions are sent immediately through the video system whether to keep a guy detained or release them. This system helps them keep strict eyes on the detained guys as well as communicate in a quick way.

We see how the government agencies are using the really powerful digital tools for security and safety of the areas as well their employees. Systems like these are used everywhere in the world. All countries have their surveillance systems, either developed locally or by an international company. The government and private companies are able to strengthen their security at the workplace as well as field areas.

We Have Got a Lesson That Private Sector Should Also Use Surveillance Systems.

These examples of how the US government is making great use of surveillance systems are a lesson for the companies and firms in the private sector. They should adopt the same approach. But the difference is government and military agencies get their software developed no other person can use. For the private sector, there are some impressive tools out there.

For Private Sector, Many Companies Have Already Developed Monitoring Tools.

You might have heard about how Apple, Google, Facebook and other big companies in the world maintain workplace surveillance and security. For these companies, employee safety and data protection is the most important thing in the world. These companies are revolutionary and have massively expensive intellectual properties that they never want to lose or get hacked by other competitors.

You might be wondering why you need such tools and software for workplace monitoring and to track your employees at the workplace. The question is logical. But you need to understand the importance of workplace monitoring. Yahoo is just one big example of how companies can face data breaches and hacking attempts. The company just collapsed after the huge data loss.

When Facebook was exposed regarding how it sells the user data with other companies, the market shares of the company dropped and it faced a lot of billions of dollars within two days. People are no longer in a mood to trust Facebook when it comes to user data protection and maintaining privacy over the social media platform.

Big Companies Can Afford Financial Losses, But the Smaller Ones Can Never.

Yahoo is still working and making money. Facebook has also been able to overcome that drama and added new features to keep users engaged. These companies are worth billions of dollars and can afford to invest and reinvent. But the smaller companies, if faced with such a situation, will never be in a position to put thousands and millions of dollars back into the company.

The survival of small companies lies in protecting company data and records. They should look for options on how they can maximize workplace security, the safety of computers and devices and important and sensitive data and records. These companies should use powerful employee monitoring that can track internet use as well as other activities.

This is the only way for companies to protect their data and improve workplace safety. With video cameras, companies can improve safety just within the workplace. But it will not tell the employers what their employees are using on their computers and devices. Employees spend a lot of time on social media and waste in other useless activities. The Keylogger feature that monitors keystrokes on any device’s keyboard is pretty useful.


The government is extensively employing powerful monitoring tools for the workplace as well as field surveillance. The private sector organizations need to learn from these companies how they are securing their staff as well as data and important information. Private companies should also use powerful employee spy software to keep eyes on the staff as well as improve workplace safety.

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