BlurSPY software offers a straightforward and feasible refund policy for its customers if there is eligibility. The refund policy is designed to facilitate the customers just the same as the billing method. Same types 0f payment methods will be used for refunding, i.e. visa, master card, PayPal, etc. If BlurSPY fails to solve a valid reported problem from the user’s end, it is obliged to reimburse the paid amount. The refund policy is clearly defined by BlurSPY management, but there might be some alterations with the updates of app, terms and conditions or time. The user will be notified about any update in refund policy through website, email or app notification. The intimation of any such update will be made well in time and will bear all the details. After which the user is bound to agree, to continue availing BlurSPY phone tracking features.

Specific criteria govern the refund of the amount which defines the eligibility of the customer for the said refund.

  • BlurSPY clearly states the specific devices from which this monitoring software can be availed. These include Android, supported tablets and mobile phones. BlurSPY bears no responsibility of neither software nor device other than the mentioned ones.
  • Clearly, for claiming any refund from BlurSPY, the claimer must be a customer of BlurSPY app.
  • If the customer reports any technical issue from the website or app and BlurSPY remains unable to resolve it, he can claim a refund.
  • Minimum time for claiming is 24 hours which start immediately after the first detailed report of the problem to the company.
  • BlurSPY app must be installed in the user’s device, at the time of reporting the problem and at the time of claiming the refund as well.
  • BlurSPY mobile tracking app offers refund claim facility only in case of none or improper functioning of the app after installation in the already mentioned device. Refund claim due to an unwillingness to use the app without any technical problem will not be entertained.

Fractional Refund

There are certain conditions under which only a limited amount is refunded. These are:

  • If a problem is in the device, and not on the website, 40% of the total amount will be refunded to the customer.
  • iPhones need jailbreak, for installing any tracking software. If the customer did not know about this technicality before purchasing the software and is unwilling to continue availing services of BlurSPY app, the company is bound to refund 45% of total amount to him within 24 hours of installation.
  • Under certain circumstances, android devices need to reboot. If our valued customer unknowingly purchased this spying app and found compatibility issues later, he will be eligible for a refund of 20% of the total amount paid. Time of processing refund is same, i.e. 24 hours.
  • We always value our customers and extend our helping hand towards the users. Even then if hindrances in the running of app sustain, the BlurSPY company will pay back 40% of the total amount. Which will be processed within 24 hours.
  • The installation process can be complicated for some, to execute it properly requires a few steps. In case of problems induced due to improper installation, the customer will be granted a 20% refund amount if unwilling for further use. He can claim a refund within three days of installation.

Customer support

As BlurSPY mobile spying bug app will be installed in someone else’s device, which might be problematic. There can be many scenarios such as user cannot get access to the target device or fails to install it. If any of these situations arise, the customer should contact BlurSPY customer care team. They can extend the term up to 15 days. Customer will have to install BlurSPY in target device within that extended period otherwise the package may be canceled. Moreover, a further extension will be purely at the discretion of the BlurSPY mobile spy app company.

Refunding process

BlurSPY has a very responsive and active customer care team and sales department which knows all the technicalities and responds quickly to the problems that are reported. Refunding of amount requires a proper procedure which is as follows:

  • The user is asked to send an e-mail to the customer support team of BlurSPY phone spying app. The e-mail must contain the complete details of the problem being faced by the user, and if he desires to cancel the services and wants to claim a refund or wishes to get the problem fixed.
  • The chat room of the website is not for refunding complaints. It is used only for getting feedback from the customers. You must send your problem via e-mail and avoid chat room for claiming a refund.
  • A refunding process may take 1 to 3 days and requires a complete procedure to be followed. Therefore, the patient is highly demanded by our precious customers.
  • All the complaints are addressed, and solutions are executed during the working days, i.e. Monday to Friday only.


You will be asked to follow the same process to receive your payment which you used for payment. Therefore, a careful and conscious choice of transaction method is required.

Apart from the customer’s request for a refund, the company can also terminate service.

  • If BlurSPY management finds you not abiding by clearly specified and agreed terms and conditions, your services will be terminated for an unspecified period or permanently.
  • BlurSPY retains full right to cancel your membership any time under a valid reason.
  • If a person claims a refund and is not fulfilling the criteria mentioned above, he will be informed about the category he is legging in.

Refunding is solely for facilitating the users and building a good business relationship with the customers. Even though BlurSPY promise provision of best possible services. There might be some discrepancies on the website. BlurSPY tries to solve them in first place in the first report. If due to some technicalities they are left unsolved, the customer has the right to ask for his paid amount. Invalid reasons for refunds will not be entertained at all. A clear and detailed application for claiming a refund will always be easy to understand and process.

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