New WhatsApp RCE - Remotely Hacked to Your Android devices Using Malformed GIF’s

New WhatsApp RCE – Remotely Hacked to Your Android devices Using Malformed GIF’s

Words usually can’t do a picture justice, however, a GIF merits a thousand pictures.

Today, the short circling clasps, GIFs are all over the place on your internet based life, on your message sheets, on your visits, helping clients consummately express their feelings, making individuals snicker, and remembering a feature.

Yet, imagine a scenario where a guiltless looking GIF welcoming with greetings or Happy Birthday, etc, message hacks your cell phone.

All things considered, not a hypothetical thought any longer.

WhatsApp has fixed a basic security defenselessness in its application for Android, which remained unpatched for at any rate 3 months in the wake of being found, and whenever abused, could have enabled remote hackers to bargain Android gadgets and conceivably take records and chat messages

WhatsApp Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

The powerlessness, followed as CVE-2019-11932, is a twofold free memory debasement bug that doesn’t dwell in the WhatsApp code itself, however in an open-source GIF picture defining library that WhatsApp manages.

When the Malicious GIF document embeds to the Android gadgets, it can execute the code in the WhatsApp setting and application, in the end, take the records from WhatsApp sandbox that incorporates a message database.

It is found by Vietnamese security analyst Pham Hong Nhat in May 2019, the issue effectively prompts remote code execution assaults, empowering assailants to execute subjective code on focused gadgets with regards to WhatsApp with the consents the application has on the gadget.

“The charge is accomplished by WhatsApp setting. Along these lines it has the authorization to peruse the SDCard and connect the WhatsApp message database,” the researchers disclose this statement to the professional hackers via email consultation

Working of WhatsApp RCE

WhatsApp utilizes the defining library being referred to create a review for GIF records when clients open their gadget display before sending any media document to their companions or family.

In this manner, to be noticed, the defenselessness doesn’t get activated by sending a pernicious GIF document to an injured individual; rather, it gets executed when the unfortunate casualty itself opens the WhatsApp Gallery Picker while attempting to send any media record to somebody.

To manipulate this release, an aggressor should simply send an uncommonly made malevolent GIF record to a focused on Android client utilizing any online correspondence channel and sit tight for the client to simply open the picture display in WhatsApp.

In any case, if aggressors need to send the GIF record to exploited people using any informing stage like WhatsApp or Messenger, they have to send it as a report document instead of media record connections, since picture pressure utilized by these administrations mutilates the malignant payload covered up in pictures.

Accessible Apps, Devices and convenient tract

The issue influences WhatsApp’s updates version 2.19.230 and more seasoned forms running on Android 8.1 and 9.0, however, it doesn’t work for Android 8.0 and underneath.

WhatsApp WebThe founder of RCE disclosed to The Hacker News that he detailed the powerlessness to Facebook, which possesses WhatsApp, in late July in 2019, and the organization incorporated a security fix in WhatsApp form 2.19.244, discharged in September.

Consequently, to insure yourself against any adventure encompassing this weakness, you are prescribed to refresh your WhatsApp to the most recent form from the Google Play Store at the earliest opportunity.

Other than this, since the defect dwells in an open-source library, it is additionally conceivable that some other Android applications utilizing the equivalent influenced library could likewise be helpless against comparative assaults.

The engineer of the influenced GIF information center, called Android GIF traceable, has likewise discharged form 1.2.18 of the product to fix the twofold free weakness.

How to spare WhatsApp from Wi-Fi hacking?

WhatsApp doesn’t have an exceptionally secure server, so abstain from utilizing WhatsApp when on Wi-Fi.

For the most part, Android and Apple gadgets that utilization WhatsApp doesn’t have any security. It is Blackberry gadgets that are very sheltered as they utilize their server, while others utilize the WhatsApp server.

Along these lines, by and large, abstain from utilizing Wi-Fi for WhatsApp, if and at whatever point it is conceivable.

In a circumstance, where you don’t have web association and yet the Wi-Fi is the main alternative, utilize the access of Wi-Fi system and afterward guarantee that you visit the access of Settings-Chat-Settings-Clear All other Conversations.

By doing this, you will miss out on every one of the messages, however, this will enable your information to free from being available to any other individual. Repeatedly make this as a bias. Every one of the media records will be saved money on your telephone, so you aren’t losing any of your media document information.

whatspp hackHow to identify that your WhatsApp has been bugged?

Here are some safety majors that you should try to secure yourself from hackers and being your account hack.

WhatsApp Web :

Whatsapp web is a new component of Whatsapp and this element causes you to get to your Whatsapp account on your PC. You need to check the QR code from the portable, at that point you can undoubtedly get to your Whatsapp account on your PC continuously. Likewise, you can get to your WhatsApp account on another portable by utilizing this application called “Whatscan For WhatsApp Web”. This application causes you to get to your WhatsApp account on different cell phones, you need to simply examine the QR code from the primary WhatsApp account.


Check your Whatsapp Web log from your fundamental WhatsApp account. On the off chance that you found any unapproved gadget there, at that point simply erase each one of those unapproved gadgets from Whatsapp Web. By erasing all gadgets, you can shield yourself from this Whatsapp hacked.

Citing Messages From My documents

Programmers utilize this method to duplicate your WhatsApp messages from your gadget and email to another email id. They can without much of a stretch read your everything WhatsApp messages by duplicating a few records from Whatsapp envelope.


Use App Locker on your WhatsApp and telephone. Utilizing application storage you can bolt any application or telephone. So when a programmer will attempt to duplicate those put-away documents from My Files, he/she needs to initially open your telephone which is as of now bolted by you

Spy Apps

There are applications when introduced in your telephone that can see every single action of you. Utilizing spy applications anybody can without much of a stretch hack your telephone getting to WhatsApp as well as numerous different applications, photographs, recordings, documents put away in your portable.


Continuously check if there is any obscure application is put away on your telephone or not.

WhatsApp now empowers Two-Step check include. Whatsapp is exceptionally well known as we probably are aware however it is likewise obvious that programmers are additionally attempting to get powerless points each day. So you must be increasingly mindful while utilizing Whatsapp.


Almost every other application is useful but it can be easily hacked by professional hackers. Whatsapp never fails to make its customers comfortable. They always try to work on security but precautions should be taken to make yourself secure. The above feature is the most amazing feature for Whatsapp users. If you found any abnormal activity, report it as soon as possible.

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