10 Easy Steps to Root Samsung S10 (2)

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S10 – Magisk Method

With every passing day, we see new smartphones in the markets. All the tech companies are in intense competition to introduce the best smartphones. Users wait for most of the new devices because they provide a whole new experience. Samsung S10 is one of the most awaited smartphones that was released recently.

Without any doubt, it can be claimed Samsung S10 is one of the finest and the most powerful smartphones in the market. This device is gigantic and super-fast when compared with other smartphones. It comes with a good number of new features which make it the best phone in the market. Now is the time of full-screen display which this device features. It comes with an OLED display that Samsung is best known for.

A lot of people have already got a Samsung S10 and using it now. There are many kids as well who have purchased this new smartphone and having a wonderful experience. But for parents, this seems to be an irritating point because this device could not be monitored without rooting. Most of the old devices can be easily rooted but this new smartphone requires separate rooting.

In order to sort out this issue for the parents, we have created this comprehensive guide on rooting. In this blog, the parents will be able to understand what rooting really is, why they should root Samsung S10, and what the complete steps to root this device. After reading the guide, parents will be in a position to root Samsung S10 within minutes.

Understanding Android Rooting

Rooting is a commonly used word in reference to smartphones and particularly the android phone. It simply can be defined as the process to break the security of Android phones in order to get access to the administrator network. With this access, the users are able to install any third party and hidden apps which are not possible in other ways.

With rooting, you get access to the administrator account. The developers mostly root out devices to check and test different apps for development purposes. Many people root Android phones because they want to install some apps or software which are not allowed by the Android system.

When it comes to Samsung S10, you will be breaking its security, in simple words. The phone will remain as safe as it was before rooting. There will be no change in the features or performance of the phone. It will have the same functionality. But you will be empowered with many new options. The phone will allow you to install and use many new apps like spyware software, spy apps, and others.

For parents, rooting is important because they have to install the parental control app on the phones of their kids in order to monitor their phone and social media activities. Parents face issues while they try to install such apps. So rooting Samsung S10 will solve this issue and any new apps can be installed without any hiccups.

Benefits of Rooting Samsung S10

We have talked about what rooting is and how you can use it. After having discussed it in brief, it is pertinent to talk about the reasons or benefits of rooting Samsung S10. These benefits are important to be understood so that users after rooting Samsung S10 can benefit the most out of it. Let’s discuss the advantages of rooting android phones.

Using New Apps

Like any other OS or operating system, Android also runs most of the apps without any issues. Users are allowed to use even third-party apps. But there are certain limitations to Android OS. You cannot access the OS network without rooting it. When rooting is done, the phone lets you install and run a number of new apps that improve your experience with the phone. This is why you should root Samsung S10.

Delete Bloatware

Android OS is considered user-friendly. It is also an open-source OS which means any person can access it, develop new apps and upload them. There are no restrictions or check and balance like iPhone OS. For this reason, Android has become less secure. Many adware or bloatware harm the phones and devices on which Android is running. However, when you root your android phone or Samsung S10, you will be able to get rid of all the bloatware and use the phone smoothly.

Get Storage Space

Using new and different apps is the choice of every user. But the smartphones come with a limited space that makes it hard to store a lot of data, download many apps and use them simultaneously. If the users do so, the phone runs out of space. But there is a way to prevent this issue. That is rooting. If you are using Samsung S10, you should root it because you can find and delete all unnecessary apps and files within minutes. It will provide you with more space on the device.

Spying on Phones

Rooting android phones is helpful in a number of ways it allows users to install the spy app and monitor the phones. This is one of the biggest reasons why so many people root their devices. Parents do so because they have to monitor their kids and teens.

Doing Better Parenting

For the parents, it is always a better idea to root the Android phones of their devices so that they can install parental control apps and improve their security. Android phones are hard to track otherwise but rooting makes it pretty easy. Parents will be more comfortable and relaxed they are tracking their kids.

Comprehensive Guide on How to Root Samsung S10

·        Download the File


This is the first step. In this step, you have to download the Magisk Manager. It will be an APK file. Don’t get to forget the guidelines.

·        Open the Manager App

You will now need to open the Manager and patch up the file. But before doing so, you should download the firmware. Extract the file and rename it to “AP_[device_model_sw_ver].tar.md5 to your phone”.

·        Browse the File

In this step, you will have to browse the file that you did copy in the second step.

·        End Up Patch Process

This will take you to a new file. Now copy this file to your computer.

·        Download Odin Tool

Now download the Odin tool on your computer or laptop. Make sure all the drivers on your PC are installed and working otherwise you will have issues.

·        Boot the Device

Put the phone on download mode. You can learn about download mode by using online guides.

·        Connect Phone with PC

During the download mode, connect your phone to the PC. Open the Odin Tool and put the file by copying it. Make sure you are unchecked during all this.

·        Disconnect the Phone from PC

After this, disconnect the device from the PC. And now take the phone to the recovery mode. Various options are used in all devices for this. You should follow the right process and commands.

·        Factory Reset

In this step, you will factory reset the phone. Everything will be deleted and the phone will look like a new device. Then reboot the phone and it will start rebooting.

·        Boot and Reboot Itself

After the last step, your phone will boot and reboot itself multiple times. Go to the Manager app and end up the process by following the given steps. Make sure the phone is connected to the internet.


This guide on rooting helps parents, as well as other users, understand how they can root android phones and particularly Samsung S10. With this, you will be able to install and run many new and third-party apps on the phone. It will also provide you with new features.

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