Screen Addiction & Harm Occurring To Developing Children

Screen Addiction & Harm Occurring To Developing Children

The rise and popularity of the latest technology have been phenomenal in changing the world. We have experienced tremendous growth and changes. Latest tech has helped humans in all walks of life. It will be right to say that technology has revolutionized the world. With the passage of time, things are getting better and we see new products and services every single day.

Internet was meant for Decentralization but It’s Done the Opposite

The use of the internet and smartphones has increased massively. The person who invented the internet recently talked to The Economist about how the internet has failed. He had written that the internet will help in decentralization but the things now are quite opposite. The internet has promoted centralization where everyone is a screen and the internet addict. Yes, you have guessed that right. Most of the people these days are phone and screen addicts.

Screen Addiction in Children

When it comes to screen addiction, it refers to time spent while using smartphones, tablets, gadgets and other electronic devices. Tech has provided us with a lot of ways to use the internet except smartphones. Even smartwatches are another addition in this regard. At the moment, more than half of the people, over 3.5 billion, in the world use the internet and smartphones. Kids are among these. The sad part is that screen addiction among teens is more than any other age group.

If Children Spend 2 Hours Playing Outside, They Spend 4-5 Hours on Screen

This fact from a new study reveals that teens spend more time on screen than playing outside. There was a time when the kids used to spend time on grounds, playing games and in healthy activities. But now they have become smartphone addicts and this is a really dangerous situation for most of the parents.

4 Out of 5 Children by the Age of 12 are Using Social Media

The use of smartphone has increased the screen addiction of kids throughout the world. The things are getting scary as parents have no control over all this. The use of social media is another reason why kids and teens spend more time while using their smartphones and other devices. Apart from social media, they also use dating sites where they find their partners and get into relationships.

6 Out of 10 Children Don’t Get Enough Sleep Due to Screens

This fact demonstrates where the world is heading towards. Even it shows the scary side of the screen addiction. The lack of sleep is a serious problem. Even many studies have reported a lack of sleep is linked with early death in humans. That means the people who don’t get enough sleep die early than those who get enough sleep. This situation in kids is really alarming and parents should think to deal with it.

25% Children Believe Videos Games are an Exercise

The recent shooting incidents in the US revealed that teens and young boys involved in the shooting of innocent people were impressed by video games. They had been watching video games and experimented that in reality to see how it feels. No words can describe this situation. When it comes to the use of the screen, a lot of kids and teens spend their time while playing video games on their smartphones and tablets.

Dealing with Children Screen Addiction

We have talked about screen addiction in teens and how it’s social media affecting the kids. The situation will get even worse with new tech tools, apps, and better smartphones. The only person who can be of any help in this regard is the parents of the kids. Parents know their kids better than anyone else. So they should come to rescue them when it comes to screen addiction.

Parents should do every possible thing to control smartphone addiction in their children. Kids should be educated about the negative side of phone addiction. Parents can spend time with children to guide them. Taking it further, sports and other outdoor activities should be encouraged. These things will help a lot to divert the attention of the kids from smartphones to healthy activities.

Using BlurSPY Live Screen Recorder

If despite all efforts parents see no improvement, they should deal with screen addiction with the latest technology. That is to use BlurSPY– the teen monitoring software. This parent’s spy app is a great help when it comes to digital parenting, dealing with screen addiction, keeping eyes on the kids and tracking their online and offline activities. This teen spy app comes with a lot of features that are essential and relevant to parents for tracking their kids.

One of these features is the Hidden Screen Recorder. This feature allows parents to spy on teens, monitor their phone use, check their internet history, view the time spent while using a smartphone and different apps and take further steps to control this. Using this feature is really easy and the steps are simple.

Parents will install the app on the device of their kids and control it remotely. When the app has been installed, the parents can turn on the feature to use the live screen recorder feature. The app works in the background so your kids will not know you are monitoring kids with spy app.

The app will capture the screen of all the apps from social media to other apps and parents can view the time spent by kids on different apps. With this data, parents can restrict the use of certain apps on the devices of their kids. Teens will not be able to spend more than a specified time period on their phones. Thus parents can easily handle the screen addiction of their children.


The growing screen addiction among kids is pretty scary as well as dangerous. Parents should use BlurSPY hidden screen recorder to monitor their kids’ phone use and restrict their phone time. It will come in handy to protect online as well.

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