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How to see someone’s Text Messages without Giving Any Alert

There was not a trend to spy on text messages of anyone. But now it has become really common. But the problem for people is where to find a great app or tool that can let them see someone’s text messages without giving an alert. You can check someone’s phone if it is unlocked but until the person is not near you. This is not the safest and best way.

In this post, we will guide the users on how they can check text messages on any phone without the person knowing about it.

Check Text Messages Without Giving Any Alert

BlurSPY can do this job for you. This is a perfect and the best parental monitoring app as well as an employee monitoring tool. The app offers a number of useful features along with allowing you to see the messages on anyone’s phone but they will not know about it. Below is the detailed process to do this.

Install the BlurSPY App

BlurSPY is easy to install. The app offers different plans and packages for users. It also introduces special offers for events like a valentine day discount offer. You have to subscribe to get the get. Once you have done everything, you will be given the download link to install the app.

Get Access to the Phone

Now, you have to get access to the device or phone on which you want to install a BlurSPY app. Remember, physical access for a few minutes is required to install the app. After that, you can remotely track messages. As you get the device in your hands, open the download link to download the app. Install it following the screen instructions.

Go to Your Control Panel

Every BlurSPY user is given with credentials to log in to the account. As you will open it, you will see the control panel. This is the area where all features are given. It also stores and saves the log files and other data of every feature. Spot the message tracking feature and it is ready to be used.

Start Tracking Messages

Now you can turn on text spy app features to see the text messages on the target phone. The app will show you all the details on the target device. It will give access to the sent and received text messages, the text body as well as the time when the messages were sent and received. This is the best feature and the person will not know about it. You can also block any numbers to restrict their text messages.

Spy without Them Knowing

BlurSPY cell phone spy makes it possible for the users to spy on the text messages of any person without giving any alert. Like, the person will not know you are checking their text messages. The app works in the background and secretly. You will get all the details and a notification when the new messages on the phone are received or sent from. This feature can make a life of any person better and makes them feel relaxed.

Who Will Need This Feature?

This is an important thing to consider that who can use this feature and why they need this. We are going to talk about it and explain how anyone can use the message tracking feature of the BlurSPY app.

Parents Can Use This Feature

Nowadays, parents are concerned about the online activities of their kids. All the children and teens have smartphones and they do different things. But the biggest threat is sexting. Parents know their kids and teens do sexting but don’t know who the next or other person is. BlurSPY will help parents check the sexting of kids with this feature. Parents can take further steps to keep their teens safe.

Employers can Use This Feature

Similarly, employers have reservations and issues with the staff. Many people at workplace waste a lot of time while texting, using social media and the internet. They also steal important details and share through text messages. So employers should use the BlurSPY employee tracking system to see the text messages of the employers. The app will not let the staff know their boss is checking their text messages.

Another Person Can This Feature

There can be any person who wants to track the text messages of a certain person. It can be a student, banker, a friend of anyone. The app will help all these people to spy on the text messages of your target person. All they need is to install the app on the device and start tracking their text messages with a single click.


Tracking someone’s text messages without giving any alert is a hard job but BlurSPY makes it pretty simple and easy. With text message tracking feature, you can track messages of any person without them knowing. BlurSPY works in the background and the target person will never know you have been spying on their text messages.

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