Sexting is Naked Reality in Digital World

Sexting is Naked Reality in Digital World: What Parents can do?

More than 90% of teens now use phones, devices, and their tablets. The purpose of technology was to make human life easy and work simpler. But we see things getting out of our hands. People are misusing technology and devices, apps, and computers. Let it be teens, young children or adults- everyone has once used the internet and phone for unethical activities.

But teens are the most affected when it comes to the internet and use of smartphones. Today, the biggest concern of parents is how they can make their teens safe online as well as offline. Teens do a lot of dangerous things on their devices. One of these is sexting. You may know about it but we will share in the next section what sexting is, how it affects teens, what are its consequences, why teens do sexting and how parents can help their teens doing sexting.

What Sexting Really Is?

Sexting is to send and receive sexual content through text messages. People do sexting on their phones with their girlfriends, boyfriends, and young generation. For adults, it can be okay but teens are more exposed to sexting when they should be focusing on other things. Via text messages, teens seduce each other, their partners and feel pleasure.

Various research reports and studies have been carried out on teen sexting and the findings are really scary for every parent. More than 70% of teens do sexting through text messages and they have admitted it as well. Most of these have shared private and nude photos with the person they do sexting with. This poses them to serious threats and online risks. What is their image is shared with other people? What if their private photos get leaked online and are uploaded on adult websites?

What are the Reasons That Teens Do Sexting?

There are different types of sexting. The first one is approved by both parties while the second one is forced sexting. As teens nowadays connect with people on social sites. They even use dating websites and find their partners. When they feel they like someone, they try to be frank. During all this, they start doing sexting. The shocking factor is they are doing sexting with someone who they have never met.

There are so many reasons why teens do sexting:

The most common reason is to get frank with someone. During the initial state of a relationship, people start doing sexting. They further meet and start dating. Teens are also doing the same thing. They do sexting with their matches from the dating websites.

The other reason can be they are forced. Like, when teens share private photos with someone and they might be asked for sexting. In the otherwise case, their photos and private data will be shared. The fear of getting your intimate photos leaked is dangerous and it convinces teens to do sexting with the strangers from social as well as dating websites.

How Does Sexting Affect Teens and Their Brains?

Sexting is never a good thing. It is done for pleasure and that of a few minutes. The adult people can realize this but the teens are not aware of the dangers, risks, and impacts of sexting. According to research and sexting reports, the first consequence of sexting is the humiliation. Teens feel humiliated and their confidence declines with the passage of time.

How can a teen with low confidence compete with other students? The parents should ask this question to themselves and they will understand how harmful it is for their children. After humiliation, the teens are really unable to face their friends, family and loved ones. They are not in a position to even face the world, teachers, and parents.

Apart from this, the sexting affects teens psychologically. They become weaker with the passage of time. They are also unable to trust people when they see breakups at a young age. Their life after marriage can’t be as good as it should be. Parents hold the responsibility to protect their teens from sexting in every possible way.

What Parents Can Do When Their Teens Are Doing Sexting?

There are a number of good things parents can do to keep their teens away from sexting. Parents should sit with the children and talk to them. They should inquire about the problems, good things, and how they are doing in life. In between all this, teens should be encouraged to share their problems with the parents.

In addition to speaking to the children, parents should educate teens about sexting. They should provide those books and other material to show how dangerous sexting and sexual obsession social media factor. This will surely help children to understand sexting in a better way and think seriously about it.

Use a Parental Control App

If parents think their children are not sharing the problems with them, they should look for other options than just guiding and educating them. Parents can use BlurSPY, Best parental monitoring app for Android, to keep checks on their teens, monitor them and make sure they are safe online.

BlurSPY offers a number of features that are really good when it comes to monitoring teens for better parenting. With this app, parents can track the text messages of their children. The app allows to view all sent and received text messages. This will help parents find out if their teens are doing sexting.

Furthermore, tapping incoming and outgoing call feature is useful as well. The app lets parents monitor the screens of their teen’s devices, check their internet history, browsing history, the messages on social sites and apps, tracking GPS location and doing more things for perfect parental control.

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