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Sexting Revealed: Secret Texting Codes Used by Teens

There is so much online for teens to spend hours without getting bored. With the passage of time, social sites, dating sites, and adult websites have improved their content to keep the users engaged. There are no major concerns for the young and adult people. What makes people worried are the young teens and children are seeing what they should have not.

Why Teens Are Doing Sexting Nowadays?

Have you ever asked yourself as a parent why your teens do sexting? Put this question aside, many parents don’t even know what sexting is and they have no idea what their teens are up to on their smartphones and social sites. Sexting is dangerous, no matter whom you are. It becomes more serious when the victim is a young child or teen. When we talk about the reasons for sexting there are many.

Teens Do Sexting Because They Feel Pleasure

Most of the teens do sexting just because it gives them pleasure. The sexual relationships with someone who you like or even love is a wonderful experience. As the teens taste it, they become an addict. They are not willing to give up this habit because they feel pleasure and get relaxed after sexting.

They are Doing Sexting Because They Are Forced

Another reason why teens do sexting is they are forced by their peers and online predators. On social sites, there are people of every kind. They talk to teens, attract them with their conversations and make relationships with them. A time comes when they start forcing teens for sexting because this was the reason they talked to teens and children.

The Adult Content Online is Also a Reason

The inspiration for sexting comes from the online content on social as well as dating websites. People openly discuss sexual matters, adult content and shares images. This type of content also gets the attention of teens and they get seduced with the quality adult content. With restrictions on social and dating sites, parents can prevent their teens from sexting to a great extent.

Secret Codes Used by Teens for Sexting

Teens start sexting without knowing anything about it. But as time goes by, they start using secret codes that are hard for anyone to understand. Only the sexters can understand these codes. This is important for parents to know these codes and check if their child is using these codes while texting.

The below contains a number of secret codes that are used while sexting. The sexters use these codes to start sexting with anyone and they believe they can’t be caught this way. But various studies have found all the codes using during sexting. These will surely help out parents to catch their teens if they do sexting.

  • 53X = Sneaky Way to Type “Sex”
  • LH6 = Let’s Have Sex
  • GNOC = Get Naked on Camera
  • WTTP = Want to Trade Photos?
  • LMIRL = Let’s Meet in Real Life
  • IWSN = I Want Sex Now
  • MPFB = My Personal F*** buddy
  • GYPO = Get Your Pants Off
  • 143 = I Love You
  • HAK = Hugs and Kisses
  • NIFOC = Nude in Front of Computer
  • 99 = parents are gone

What Should Parents Do When Sexting Has Been Revealed?

We have shared the major signs and causes of sexting. This will help out every parent to figure out if their child is doing sexting. When any parent notices, they should not react aggressively. Rather, they should set the child and talk about his problems in life. This will make the child feel comfortable. Once you see the child is ready to share anything, you should ask them if they do sexting. You should offer them help in all possible ways.

Still, many parents can’t make their children talk about it. So they should look for other feasible solutions. One of these is to use the best parental monitoring app. BlurSPY is an amazing android monitoring software with a lot of features. Every parent can use this app to prevent sexting in their children. We are going to share the prominent features of BlurSPY that can help parents in preventing sexing among children.

Check Text Messages

The first every parent should do is to check the text messages of their children. For this, they can install the app and activate the message tracking feature. The app will show all the text messages, sent as well as received. Along with the text body, you can also see the numbers who send and receive text messages. This will give parents better insight into the sexting issues. If parents see something suspicious, they can block any number on the phone of their child with this app.

Check the Multimedia

Another thing that can provide evidence for sexting is the multimedia on the phone of a child. Teens share intimate and private images with their peers and partners. They send as well as get from them. They keep all such content in their messages and gallery to get pleasure sometime later. Parents can check the multimedia of their children’s phones with this app. If there will be something like this, the app will show it to the parents.

Sneak into WhatsApp

Instant messengers like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and others are popular among teens. Android users prefer WhatsApp when it comes to conversation and sharing photos. Your teen might not have saved the photos in the gallery. But you can check their WhatsApp chat as well as media to see if they are sharing any private photos and images. Sneaking into WhatsApp is a useful feature that improves monitoring over your children.


Detecting sexting is not difficult. What makes things hard is how parents can stop their teens from sexting. They should keep a check on their phones, text messages, multimedia as well as WhatsApp with BlurSPY to see if they are doing sexting and take further steps to prevent all this.

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