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SnapChat was developed in early 2010 and it became popular in 2012. The basic idea of the app was to connect people with each other and let them share their photos. With the passage of time, the app got improved. Now the adults are not using SnapChat for the adults and content. But the app became increasingly popular among the teens because they have time to spend there as well as a passion to create animated photos and share with friends and other people.

Like any other social media, SnapChat is really dangerous. But what makes it even serious is it is popular among the teens. The young and adults are not as active on the app as teens and children. People under the age of 25 use SnapChat 40 times a day while those over 25 years of age check the app for 20 times in a day. SnapChat is the most popular social media platform among teens and it has been found in multiple studies.

Why SnapChat is Popular among Teens?

If you remember Facebook tries to purchase SnapChat because of its popularity and user engagement. The SnapChat team regularly introduces new features, filters, the image creating options and other things that keep it on top when it comes to the top social sites. SnapChat was not sold to Facebook CEO and after that Facebook tries to copy its features and image animation options. But it has not been as popular as SnapChat.

Teens are more attracted to SnapChat because of the users. Most of the people on this app are teens and young. The children love to interact with their age fellows, make friendships and even start meeting. SnapChat has now become like a dating site where you can find partners. This is engaging for the young as well as teens and they are not willing to go away from the app.

Apart from this, the level of creativity among SnapChat team is amazing. They know how they can keep their users on the platform. Most of the other social media sites have become boring and less attractive but SnapChat remained the same and even many Facebook users switched to SnapChat for the great options, many new features, and creativity.

Why SnapChat is Not Good for Teens?

A platform that was created for image and document sharing has not turned into a cyberstalking and dating forum. You have other options to share images and documents. This has not remained the purpose of the app. Following are more reasons why SnapChat is not really good for the teens.

Location Sharing

Most of the other social media sites have a desktop as well as mobile versions. But SnapChat has only an app and that means you can use it on your phone or tablet. This merely makes SnapChat a dangerous forum. On the phone, it is easy for the apps to get access to your location. In SnapChat, the location is stored and even it keeps tracking the users. Your friends or people on the list can see your exact location and know where you are. This puts serious risks for the teens and for their safety.


The online predators are also active on SnapChat and they are always looking for their prey. They can easily add teens as their friends get their information, locations as well as view images. As teens share their private details on the social site as well as SnapChat, they have serious threats from the predators and cyberstalkers. With the exact location in their knowledge, they can reach any teen, kidnap them or harm them. This is really possible and not so difficult for the predators.

Body Shaming

This is the impact of every social media platform. The social sites are all about fake content, perfect body images, and adult content. Teens find such things really attractive. They see perfect photos of models all day in their newsfeed and think why they are not like these guys. This makes them feel they are not perfect. The complex further develops and they start hating their own bodies. Teens are not even ready to accept themselves with what they are.

Monitor SnapChat with Spy App

The experts believe people below 20 should not be allowed to use such sites and particularly SnapChat. They should get guidelines and education about social media sites and how they can be risky for them. There is a dire need the teens should be educated and parents can further raise awareness in their children.

However, some teens still manage to use social sites and SnapChat. This is the real problem for many parents. They want to curb this practice, limit their use of social sites and keep eyes on their online activities. For this, they need a parental control app that allows them to track their teens, spy on their phones and know what they do on their phones and devices.

Use BlurSPY- The Perfect Parental Control App

BlurSPY is a best android parental monitoring app created for parents to empower them and let them spy on their teens and keep eyes on their online as well as offline activities. The app offers over a dozen features that make spying and monitoring pretty easy for all parents. With SnapChat Screen Recording feature, parents can monitor the SnapChat use of their teens and children. The feature shows what teens share on the platform, who they talk to, their friend lists as well as the messages.

Apart from this feature, parents can also use multiple other features like social media monitoring, call spying, checking text messages, tracking live GPS locations, monitoring multimedia, instant messengers as well as the apps installed on the device of their children.


SnapChat is more dangerous than any other social media platform. Parents can monitor and spy on their teens with BlurSPY, the best Android spy software. The app ensures the safety of the children online as well as offline and can help make them safe while they are using the internet on their phones.

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