Social Media Dangers for Teens - Protect From Digital Evil Eyes

Social Media Dangers for Teens – Protect From Digital Evil Eyes

Recently, The Economist interviewed the man who developed the internet and made it free for the world. He was asked about what he thought the internet will do and what it has done now after years. He was of the opinion that the internet has dome many serious things what they had not thought about. This includes social media, internet dangers, online scams and many other things.

A lot of people have been writing on the social media dangers of the internet. But the sad thing was no practical measures have been taken in this regard to deal with the internet dangers and handle the problems. Teens and kids are suffering the most. This is a serious issue for parents. So we have created this guide about how you can assess the internet dangers and furthermore what measures can be taken to deal with them.


Sexting is what you people refer to sharing the intimate and private photos, messages and feelings through chat, messages and instant messengers. Sexting is common these days among the kids and teens. Parents don’t know much about it. They need to know about it and how dangerous this can be for the teens.

Sexting is done through text messages or online messengers. This makes teens prone to bullies and predators. Sexting also leads to meetups and dating. Kids and teens then become more vulnerable to threats and risks. For this reason, parents need to handle sexting in their teens.


Cyberbullying is when the teens are body shamed, they get negative remarks and bad comments about their bodies and personality. They are also treated severely by the bullies who are the seniors. This happens on social sites, dating apps and platforms where chats are possible.

The dangers of bullying are serious. Many teens have harmed themselves and even some killed themselves. This needs to be stopped. The governments are making rules to deal with bullying on the internet as well as in schools.


There are a lot of people on the internet who look for young teen girls so that they can befriend with them and date them. Many teen girls have been killed when they went to meet their dates. Parents suffer at the end and teens do as well. This happens when teen girls start using dating sites and meet strangers and new people who they don’t even know about.

Gaming Addiction

This is one of the most dangerous things. The latest shooting incidents in the US, in Europe and now in New Zealand show the gaming addiction can be lethal. Most of the teens and young people involved in these shooting incidents got inspiration from video games. They did the same thing with humans in real life and killed hundreds of innocent people.

Social Media Dangers

When we start counting the possible dangers of the internet, there are countless. Social media has grown due to the popularity and wider access to the internet. Using social networking sites is fine if you just want to meet new people, spend some time or get news as do most of the Russians and people from other countries. but dating and other dangers of social sites are serious.

Adult Content

Most of the kids now own smartphones and tablets. They also have access to the internet in the form of WiFi or cellular data. So they can browse anything including the adult content. They visit porn sites and this is where things get serious. No parents want their kids to do such things on their phones and devices. So this all need to be controlled and handled carefully.

How to Deal From Digital Evil Eyes?

In order to deal with these dangers, parents should use BlurSPY parental control app. It will allow parents to monitor teens, spy on their online activities, prevent sexting among kids, know about their locations and other activities. With these details, parents will be able to take better steps to protect their teens.

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