Why Spying Apps Are Exclusive Key to Smart Parenting of the Digital Generation?

This is the era of technology and innovation, the time of all things internet; mobile phones are the new desktops, WIFI the new Bluetooth, and with the newer technology underway, the internet of things is ready to revolutionize everything. In such a situation, it is only the right thing to call this generation the digital generation, and to parent the digital degeneration, parents need to get digital too before their kid ends up getting cyber-bullied, addicted to video games or worse. We understand that getting digital is not that easy especially if parents are not good with digital technology which is why we have brought up a simpler, easier, and convenient solution for you to keep your kids safe from the digital threats without any further delay. Meet BlurSPY, one solution to all your digital parenting problems. Spying apps like BlurSPY can be a good start to lead the process.

Spying apps are apps designed to spy on kids, but only for a good cause. These apps share your burden and help you be a little less worried about your loved ones. For parents, these spying apps are the key to parenting the digital generation of today, and a really good one.

What Do Spying Apps Have to Do with It?

Spying apps are apps designed to help parents keep an eye on their children’s phone activities, for employers to keep an eye on their employees, and for couples to keep track of their spouses, easily and effectively. Android spy apps like BlurSPY work in a very simple way, all you have to do is have them installed and activated, and you can see all the details of your target phone on your app; everything and anything they do is visible to you.

BlurSPY and other spying apps consist of different tracking functions to help parents track their children. They provide social media information as one function to keep you aware of your child’s online activity, messaging and phone call logs to help you get to know your child’s friends, internet browsing data for you to ensure their safety online, and location tracking to help you be aware of their location all the time.

Social Media Apps:

With the passage of time, new social media platforms are popping up every day; Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter are some of the most common ones. All of these apps promote random interactions with people all over the world, with no limits, and boundaries. That is the problem, too often young people fall in the hands of wrong people, fraud companies, and dangerous strangers.

The number of ways your children can be harmed on these platforms is numerous and that is why you need android spying apps like BlurSPY with features like android spy Facebook messenger. These apps offer software like Facebook monitoring app, Whatsapp chat spy, and track Instagram DMs.

These functions keep you updated about all of your child’s actions on these platforms, the people they hang out with, the strangers they may talk to, the stuff they are sharing, the posts they are tagged in and what is there social media persona. This not only helps you keep them safe from harmful strangers and making mistakes, but also helps you better understand their lifestyle, their life choices, interests and hobbies, and that is a great bonus of these apps.

Messaging and Phone Call Log:

Another great feature of BlurSPY is the messaging and phone calls log tracking. The features like cell phone SMS spy and text message logging actively track and log all of the details of your child’s activity in the messaging and phone call apps. It tracks every call that is made, who it has been made to, the log of all messages and conversations from and to the target phone.

This excellent feature is very important these days, as 60 % of teenagers in the US texts with his friends at least once every day. In this way, with this feature, you can ensure that your child is in contact with the right, harmless people and no one is harassing or blackmailing them or even if some unknown number is bothering them. This feature makes the cell phone monitoring mandatory for every parent.

Internet Browsing:

The next feature that is greatly helpful and equally important for your child’s safekeeping is tracking their internet browsing. The internet is such an open platform, where everything is accessible to everyone, and in such an open space, chances are your child can get astray from the right direction too.

That is why the parental monitoring app like BlurSPY help you keep a close look on your child’s online presence and internet browsing. Teen phone monitoring helps you ensure that your child is visiting the right websites and is not falling into the wrong ones, and is only accessing the good, healthy stuff on the internet.

Besides the dangerous social media and harmful websites, there are many more threats online too. Identity theft is one such perspective, where, if your children carelessly use their debit cards information online for shopping and other stuff, that information can be used by anyone who can hack it, which means another person has it hands over all the information about you and can use it in the harmful way you want. These spying apps, therefore, keep the parents updated so that they can ensure their children do not become a target of such frauds.

Location Tracking:

Last but not the least, BlurSPY and other spying apps also have the location tracking software feature that helps you track the real-time location of your children all the time. Once you log in and go to your dashboard on your spying app, you can easily locate your children right away. This works especially well for parents who have to be away from their children a lot.

With the live location monitoring and weekly GPS tracker app, you can make sure that your child is in a safe space and is not in any danger. Even if you are away from your children, you don’t need to be worried about your children’s whereabouts and pinpoint them whenever you want. In addition to the satisfaction, this feature also helps you ensure that your child is not in danger, and you can instantly get to know that your child if your child is unsafe or in danger.

Give Access to Digital Footprints of your Kids

While parents can easily know their children’s offline activities and friends, they seldom get to know with whom their children are interacting with online, and what stuff they are browsing on the internet. The BlurSPY app exactly does that by providing them with the details about their children’s online life, hence making parents happier and children safer everywhere.


Spying apps like BlurSPY are the key to parenting the digital generation in a smart way. They provide the parent with social media tracking, messaging and texting logging, location tracking, and their children’s online internet browsing. With these apps, parents can sit back and relax, these apps do everything for them. These apps not only keep their children safe but also help them in fostering a better and stronger relationship with their children; getting to know their children a little more helps ease the parenting process. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself the BlurSPY app and be carefree about your children.

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