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As soon as the parents realize their teen is bullied, they should stay calm and talk about it with the child. They should sit with the child and discuss online issues, social media, how and what people do on social sites and how is the experience of their child. Parents should use BlurSPY kids monitoring software to keep their eyes on their children online activities.

Detecting Cyberbullying but Can It Be Stopped | BlurSPY

Detecting Cyber bullying but Can It Be Stopped?

Bullying has evolved over the years. There was school rigging where new students and teens were bullied in many ways. Then came social media and dating sites. But the bullies have become smarter with the passage of time and they are everywhere from schools, colleges to social media and other online platforms. Even the world is making strict laws when it comes to cyberbullying; we have seen an increase in bullying cases over the years. Many college students and teens [...]

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