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Parents have to save their family members and using BlurSPY best parental control app. BlurSPY is the best and the ideal app which allows parents to keep eyes on their children, monitor their activities and know about their locations.

Christmas Holidays - Teenager's Late Night Hangouts

Christmas Holidays – Teenager’s Late Night Hangouts

The Christmas season likewise called the Christmas season (regularly just called the special seasons) or the merry season, is every year repeating period perceived in numerous Western and different nations that are commonly considered to run from late November to early January. It is characterized as joining in any event Christmas, and normally New Year, and here and there different occasions and celebrations. It additionally is related to a time of shopping which involves a pinnacle season for the [...]

How hackers are spreading android Ransomware via SMS to your contacts

How Hackers are Spreading Android Ransomware via SMS to Your Contacts?

Do you an android user? If yes, then take moment and read this as the security researchers discovered a new type of ransomware, especially targeting android phones and it is spreading via SMS from one device to another. SMS is malicious code in actual. Researchers of cybersecurity firm ESET published a blog post recently in which they revealed that a new ransomware named as android/filecoder.C that target Android devices specifically. This type of ransomware has been active since le 12 July 2019. [...]

Protect Your Children From Getting Exploited in the Digital World

Protect Your Children From Getting Exploited in the Digital World

“Turning the world into a global village” has been the motto of this digital era. Although this digitization has served its purpose, it is still lacking in many ways. The new and un-guided people can face irreversible damages from this virtual world. Likewise, when it comes to children, the chances and risks of getting targeted increase twofold. So, what can we do to safeguard the children? This question holds great importance and puts a grand responsibility on the family [...]

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