Your Technology Isn’t Monitoring- Your Valuable Resource Has Vanished

The use of employee monitoring software has grown over the years. Local as well as international organizations are using such tools and software that can track their employees and improve workplace surveillance as well as security. The purpose of all these tools is to outdo the security of systems and protect company data.

The big tech companies like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, SnapChat and others have such software that they use to monitor the staff as long as they are at the workplace. We should not forget the story of how the original iPhone was created. Steve Jobs used intense security where the phone was designed and developed. No team member working on the iPhone was allowed to leave the lab and they were being monitored. That was a long ago. Today, it is even more important for companies to track their staff.

Understanding Employee Tracking Laws

All this is done in good faith. The companies don’t want to monitor the employees in their privacy. But there are some issues with all this and the employees are not really happy. There are some reasons why this happens. The employees not happy with such systems are forced to leave companies. But this happens when monitoring is done illegally.

Employee Monitoring Law

In every country, there are laws that allow companies and employers to use surveillance tools and software to track the staff. That means the employers have a right to do so and the government given them the power. So employees should compromise and cooperate with the companies. We cannot blame the companies for this, employees may be wrong in some places.

However, the more important thing is how the employers follow the rules and law to track their staff. Transparency is the core things when it comes to tracking the staff. You can use such tools for the workplace but you can’t watch them when they are in washrooms and other private areas. Similarly, you can’t track just one person and exempt all others. This is against the rules.

Transparency is Crucial

The employers should be honest when it comes to tracking the employees. The data and information collected through tracking should not be shared with anyone. It is stored and is accessible only by the relevant persons within the organizations. As the purpose is to improve security, so there is no reason to use such data and proofs for any other purpose. This simply goes against the basic human right laws as well as government rules.

There is also a limit to which the staff can be monitored. Companies usually use apps and software to track staff on their phone, the company provided computers as well as vehicles. Most of the banks also monitor activities like travelling and booking hotels. They are doing so within the limits and the staff has no issues with this. So if you want your employees to be comfortable ensure transparency in the tracking process and with the data collected thus.

Employee Consent is Necessary

Lastly, employers should understand the staff and their role. No company wants to lose its credible team members. But this can happen when you start spying on employees without their wishes. The companies should have policies and the employee tracking software should be used within those limits. Whenever the company has to track its staff, they should be informed.

Even when the company owns devices, like phones and computers, the consent of the employees is necessary. They will know that the bosses are keeping eyes on their online activities. Whatever is to be tracked should be clearly mentioned in the company policies. Employers can win the trust of the staff with such practices and be flexible. Moreover, the employees will also cooperate in such cases when the company maintains transparency.

Doing Employee Monitoring the Right Way

We have talked about how the employers can win the trust of the staff when they have to track them and use an employee monitoring app for security. This is also important to consider the use of the right apps and tools for such things. You cannot use any app or software without considering its privacy issues. For this reason, BlurSPY is the best and the most powerful spy app to track employees. The app has been rated as the best in the market.

You may think why BlurSPY is the best employee monitoring for business in the market at the moment. We are going to talk about it.

Best Features

BlurSPY has a good number of features that make it the top choice of employers when it comes to an employee spying app. It allows employers to spy on calls, track text messages, live track the GPS locations, monitor social media and keep eyes on the internet history. Employees need these features badly and BlurSPY makes it possible for them.

Privacy and Security

Another great thing about BlurSPY is that is to maintain privacy and security of the devices. With BlurSPY, employers can keep their data as well as records collected safe and protected. No one can access the data but the users or the employers using the app.

More Affordable Plans

BlurSPY offers very affordable and low priced plans for employers. When compared with market apps, it has way lower pricing and this is what makes it a great and more affordable employee tracking app at the moment for users.

Great Performance

Above all these, the performance of BlurSPY is top notch. It works flawless and offers a seamless experience to the users when they are monitoring their staff at the workplace. Employers will experience great performance improvement with BlurSPY Android spy software.


Many companies and employers use employee spying apps but they fail to keep good relations with the staff when they do. This can be done if they ensure transparency in data collection and track the employees within the limits. Furthermore, with the use of BlurSPY they employers can improve their employee monitoring process. This top-notch spy app makes employee tracking really easy.

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