Ready or Not, Technology Will Start Tracking Your Emotions

Ready or Not, Technology Will Start Tracking Your Emotions

For many of us, it will be unbelievable to know that scientists and experts have developed technologies that read human brains. They use the Brainjacking technique to know what people think and ponder over. Things are going further. We may now be seeing new technologies that can read human emotions. In other words, technology will now be tracking human emotions.

A week ago, there was news that Google and Facebook use AI-based tools to track and spy on users on porn websites. This was like a bombshell for most of the users. As there are billions of users every month on porn sites, these companies are making huge money out of this by reading user behavior and tracking their data.

What is Human Emotion Tracking?

Literally, it cannot be believed that we will now be tracked for our emotions. Companies and brands are going to every length to spy on the users. Where cybersex trafficking is increasing at an alarming rate, we are faced with another challenge now and that is our emotions will be under supervision. This sort of practice has serious repercussions for the people and users. People don’t feel comfortable when their brains and emotions are tracked.

Various reports show that technical experts and scientists have joined hands together to venture into the new world and that is how they can control human emotions. These guys are making use of artificial intelligence that makes it pretty easy for them to understand and know human emotions.

Use of Emotion Tracking

Let’s consider the following facts and reports before we talk further about this matter.
  • Lightwave, a company, is furiously working on emotion tracking technology.
  • This technology will analyse human feelings and emotions.
  • Apple bought a start-up which uses facial tracking to capture human feelings.
  • Innerscope firm is partnering with Lightwave on the very same project.
  • By 2023, it will be an industry of worth $65 Billion.
  • Disney and other such brand use emotion tracking technology.

We shared these facts to make people believe how and why the big tech companies and other brands around the world are working as well as investing in emotion tracking technology. Experts say this is the future and it has a large number of uses. We will talk about the further utilization of emotion tracking with examples in order to make it clear for the users.

Disney Using This Technology

Most of us are familiar with Disney that how great and amazing movies the firm produces. It will be a shock for most of us that the brand has also been making use of this sort of technology. Disney wanted to find out how users and viewers reacted and felt about its movies. So it started to develop a system that detects human expressions and predicts the next moment’s feelings.

The studies and reports show that the algorithm used by Disney created more than 160 million data points. It was advanced and was even able to predict when people will smile and what their reaction will be in the next moment. This technology can be misused and people should worry about it. Just like other brain-reading technologies, criminal-minded people can misuse human emotions to exploit situations.

Other Brand Using Emotion Tracking

We talked about Disney and how it uses this technology to detect and predict emotions of the people. Apart from it, there are over a dozen other companies and brands in different sectors using the same technology. Their purpose is to improve the products and find out user reactions to their ads and marketing. But in light of some reports and studied, it can be said the use of such innovations will prove harmful for humans.

But What Next?

These are a few examples of brands and businesses using emotions for their purpose. It should be noted, human emotions are precious, and detecting them in advance means misusing them in a number of ways. We will see a lot of people and companies coming up next in order to manipulate human emotions. Disney developed the tools so that it can use emotions and show only the best content.

But the future of this technology is not really bright. There will be a time when people will worry about their feelings and emotions because they have already been detected. New technologies will also make it really easy for the criminals to record human emotions and use them where needed.

When it comes to the next examples, social media sites, porn websites, and dating apps are going to make the best use of this technology. The dangers of these sites are not hidden and a lot has been said about this. By using emotion tracking, these companies will show even more harmful content to the users. It will also lead to addiction to the internet, social and dating sites as well as adult content.

Taking Measures to Stop Emotion Tracking

Bad things should be dealt with in serious measures. The same passion is required to deal with emotion tracking. Below are two categories that further highlight how the parents and employers should be worried about this new thing and take steps to protect their kids and employees.

For Parents

Kids and teens spend a huge chunk of their time on their phones. They also use social media and dating sites. By using such platforms, various companies will target individual users. Teens and kids will be more vulnerable to this threat as they cannot hide their emotions and are outspoken. When their emotions will be detected, they will be shown more addictive content, videos, and stories. This will ruin the kids and make them vulnerable to severe harm.

For Employers

In the same way, many workers and employees use the internet and social sites during work hours. They will also be fed similar content and videos which will distract them from work and reduce their productivity. In light of these findings, it becomes inevitable for employers to be careful about this threat and come up with some solutions so that they can protect their business.

Discourage Screen Addiction

The studies that demonstrated the possible dangers and risks of emotion tracking have also come up with some radical ideas to deal with this. The first thing recommended is to discourage the use of screens like devices, phones, and gadgets. Kids and workers should spend the least time on social sites and using other things.

Encourage Safe Browsing

Similarly, there is another more important thing and that is internet browsing. What people browse, the sites they visit, and the links they open make them vulnerable to emotion tracking. If you land on a porn site, Google and Facebook are there to welcome you and take all of your data. The same goes for other websites. Parents should encourage their kids to visit safe websites.

Use Tracking Tools to Handle This

The great thing is it can be handled and managed with ease. Parents and employers need a reliable spy app like BlurSPY which can empower them in this need. With the BlurSPY app, parents can keep a check on their kids and teens. Employers can also use the BlurSPY app to track the internet activities of their children.

BlurSPY app is a complete tracking solution for parents, employers as well as other individuals. The app comes with a great number of advanced features like hacking android smartphones remotely, an android location tracker, screen recorder for smartphones, monitoring multimedia, checking internet history on phones, and many other features. This app will help parents ensure their kids visit only the safe sites and are not tracked emotionally by AI-based tools.


The whole discussion clears that how emotions are tracked. The future situation will get worse. All this calls for safe use of the internet. BlurSPY will prove very supportive in this regard to help out the parents and employers worried about their kids and workers.

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