Sexual Obsession in teenagers: is social media a contributing factor?

Sexual Obsession in Teenagers: Is Social Media a Contributing Factor?

This generation finds love by swiping left or swiping right. Technological expansion has made the access easy to everything one desires for. It urges you to see more and more things that attract you. These things can be of technology related, or they may be about online dating and chatting. Teenagers have uncontrollable access to every site they want to visit. Getting knowledge about sex before right time results in an obsession in the teenagers. Openness in the society about these topics is not serving its right purpose. Sex education used to be emphasized to help people know certain things before they get into a commitment. But its un-checked misuse has now become a mammoth which needs to be solved. Sexual curiosity has converted into a sexual obsession which is not encourageable in teenage. Here are some disastrous effects of frankness in the society:

Health complications

Obsession about being into a sexual relationship leads to some disorders and disease in young boys and girls. Controlling emotions is a significant factor in leading a normal life. But when young people are left unchecked in internet world full with pornographic and intimate stuff, they start losing control over their desires and fantasies. This makes them depressed, insomniac or anxious all the time. The fear of incompetency in boys may disturb their mental health in severe ways.

Similarly, girls also fall for inferiority complexes after watching those perfect bodies all over the internet. Unwanted pregnancy is a very crucial problem which has no evident solution except controlling the desires of teenagers. HIV and sexually transmitted diseases are very detrimental health problems which can only be controlled when people are aware of how are they spread.

Social complications

Society is beautiful when every relation is kept in its right place, and everyone’s respect is well-thought-out. Sexual obsession can make people live in their fantasies and forget what others may think about them. Some drastic problems which arise from this are pedophilia and sexual abuse. These both are serious crimes, and the acquitted can go to life imprisonment. When kids are not taught about what is good and what is bad, they can commit this kind of crimes, which is a devastating social issue. Child abuse and pedophilia are only arising because teenagers or even mature people have full access to pornographic sites and intimate stuff.

Loss of respect for spouses

Young people have started to take their love relationships only as a source of sex and romance. The online dating apps like tinder encourage hookups and one night stands. These things are slowly brainwashing people that do not feel responsible for your relationship and love interest. It rather promotes that get pleasure and move on. This is again destroying the beautiful thread of the society where love used to be considered something sacred. But this digital generation has turned love into a source of intimacy.

Wild fantasies

Porn films are promoting incest relations and homosexuality. This can devastate a family so badly that they might not even be able to face each other in the future. When young people who cannot be controlled are handed over with a device, they can explore and get out the things which attract them. And at that age they do not have a parameter of right or wrong results are obvious, they get trapped into immoral activities and unhealthy relations.


Technology has not only given children access to their desired stuff, but it has also provided some ways through which parents can help them in controlling their obsession.

  • Turning on the restricted mode in YouTube or some other sites can keep the harmful things away from your child. When you hand over him his device for the first time make sure to teach him some basics and give him a good briefing about ethical and non-ethical things.
  • Keep checking his activities time to time, notice the changes in his interests and talk to him thoroughly when he hits puberty and is now becoming an adult.
  • Interactions with unknown people is also a major triggering factor towards sexual obsession. Children should be taught that there must be a limit in sharing things with unknowns. These dating apps are made just for hookups and temporary relations. If a kid is seeking true love, he must find a way out of this delusional world and ace the reality.

The standards that this social media set for its followers are nothing but un-realistic which make them victims of inferiority complex and they can become drastically unconfident. Parents should make their children feel confident and proud of themselves.


Numerous studies have proved that social media and misuse of the internet has misguided the youth and they have fallen for sexual obsession. If their use of social media is made limited and they are adequately guided this can be avoided. As this digital advancement cannot be reversed, all that needs to be done is proper guidance. If a child spends so much time with his mobile he can fall for cyberbullying, pornography, blackmailing and many other hazardous things. In this situation, the best possible solution is to install BlurSPY into their cell phone for monitoring their online activities. And before giving him his own laptop or mobile, he must be briefed about the pros and cons of virtual world comprehensively.

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