What Do Teens Do on Weekends Parents Have to Look on Surveillance App

What do Teens on Weekends? Parents Have to Look on Surveillance App

We all pass through teenage and become adults. It is a period in everyone’s life when they do not have many responsibilities apart from studies and being nice to others. For parents, this age is very crucial as the teens become what they are taught at this age. For this reason, parents pay attention to their children and make them good boys and girls.

However, over the years, dramatic changes have been seen in the activities of the children. Kids and teens are involved in more serious activities than ever. They do drugs, go to parties, use social media for dating, and use dating apps and many other things like this. With all this stuff, it becomes extremely important that parents should know about the children and what they do.

The purpose of this blog is to educate the parents about the things their kids do and how parents can take measures to stop them from getting engaged in irrelevant and nasty things. The blog will help parents keep eyes on their children and know about what they are up to all the day and particularly on weekends.

Things Teens Do on Weekends

In order to know about the teens, we should find out what kind of things they do on the weekends. After detailed and comprehensive research, we have listed six main categories which define the activities and weekend schedules of the teens and kids nowadays.

1.   Hanging Out with Friends

This is one of the top activities of the kids they do when it comes to their weekends schedules. Teens and kids of today have more time even after spending much on the internet and social media. It is also interesting to know how children and teens now meet each other. They use the social media and dating apps.

Hanging out with friends is not a bad thing. But the activities that follow the hanging out are really dangerous. Teens start having drugs, take alcohol and such other stuff. This further leads to sexual interaction and teenage pregnancies. For parents, these things are not affordable at all.

2.   Having Late Night Parties

Going further, the teens and kids also enjoy late night parties. In most of the parties the teens take drugs and spend time with their friends. Teen girls may fall in love with someone. But many teens do parties with social media friends and their matches from the dating apps which is a dangerous thing.

In the recent reports, many teens have died when they went to meet their dating app match. Teen girls suffer the most as they are raped, kidnapped and then killed. All this is really painful for the parents. So it becomes extremely important that parents keep eyes on their children and what they do outside their homes.

3.   Watching Movies and Shows

Here comes another thing which teens do very often on their weekends when they are free. There are thousands of movies and dramas which teens love. Many also watch animated things but some prefer other movies. There is no doubt that teens also watch porn and adult videos in order to get pleasure and spend time.

The dramas and shows are okay but teens should avoid the porn content. Watching such stuff and then getting pleasure is temporary. However, it has serious and harmful effects on human health, teens’ brains and their overall physical fitness.

4.   Using Social Media and Dating Apps

The use of social media and dating apps is really common in the kids and teens. They love to spend time scrolling on the social sites. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat and such other sites are popular in the teens and kids. Even many find their friends through the social media sites.

A lot has been said about the possible harms of social media and dating apps. Parents should also know about it. The excessive use of social media is never good for anyone. Teens are bullied which affects them badly. Many teens killed themselves when they were bullied on the dating and social apps. Predators are also looking for teens as their targets.

5.   Video Games and Fun

There is no doubt that video games are one of the favorite things teens do on their weekends. Nowadays, more options are available. Latest games and the smartphone addiction have taken all this to a whole new level. Video games are good to kill time but it has effects on the brains of children.

The recent shooting incidents in the USA reveal that shooters were impressed with how the video game characters killed their opponents. This is really dangerous and troublesome for the teens as well as parents. It can lead to serious legal issues.

6.   Other Activities of Teens

Apart from what we have discussed above, there are many other things kids and teens do on their weekends. For example, many prefer staying at home while others love to read books. Some help out their parents in the works and others spend time with families.

Parents Have to Look All This On Surveillance App

As we have talked about the things kids do on their weekends, it becomes important for the parents to know about all this. There is an easy option to know what the teens are doing and how they can be prevented from engaging in wrong and dangerous things.

Use of BlurSPY App

For this purpose, the use of a surveillance app is crucial. BlurSPY is the best and the ideal app which allows parents to keep eyes on their children, monitor their activities and know about their locations. The app comes with a bundle of amazing features which are very helpful for tracking the teens and kids.

  • BlurSPY offers call tracking feature to parents.
  • Parents can use GPS location tracker of BlurSPY app.
  • It also comes with text message tracking feature.
  • Monitoring social media is really easy with BlurSPY app.
  • Parents can find out if their teens are taking drugs and doing parties.
  • You can also check the photos and videos on target phones.
  • BlurSPY gives remote access to the phones of teens for parents.


There is no doubt that teens are a part of harmful activities nowadays. With this, parents should check their activities and keep eyes on their locations and whereabouts with BlurSPY app.

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