Terms & Conditions

BlurSPY Terms and Conditions

While buying BlurSPY tracking app, the user is asked to abide by some terms and conditions. A user has to agree to the stated terms in order to proceed. These are:

  • Any activity which is against the law of a country is strictly prohibited and the user is not allowed to use the app for that purpose.
  • It is clearly mentioned that BlurSPY mobile monitoring app acquires some necessary data of your device automatically. However, users are not permitted to do any measure which can refrain from the software from doing so. Any hindrance or alteration in the procedure is against the rules.
  • A user should not use tricks with BlurSPY software. Any kind of virus originated from the user-end in the BlurSPY system can get him banned.
  • The precious data of BlurSPY should never be on danger from the user side. Spreading the secret data of BlurSPY is against the rules and should never happen. BlurSPY has full legal rights to stop this kind of discrepancy.
  • Using advanced versions of the system to get access to BlurSPY’s data is prohibited. The automated interface should not be used.
  • A user cannot sell his account details to a new person nor can he let anyone else use our tracking services. Any third party should not be involved from both ends.
  • Payment methods should be fair and must follow the requirements of BlurSPY.
  • BlurSPY has a crystal clear policy which is based on not barring anyone’s privacy. The user will have to provide written consent by the person on whose device BlurSPY will be installed.
  • All local and country laws must be followed and respected.
  • The device from which registration is done on BlurSPY must belong to the user. If he creates an account from a device which he does not own, that will go against the terms of services.

There are some circumstances under which services can get terminated or partially suspended. If a user breaks any of the above-given clauses, his services will be canceled or he may have to face a penalty.

  • BlurSPY has full legal rights and authority to sue the one who is involved in defamation. Or if you break any clearly mentioned clause.
  • If BlurSPY finds any discrepancy at customer’s end, in abiding by the rules and respecting the boundaries, your services can get terminated without intimation.
  • If a user is not active for long period, BlurSPY reserves the right to discontinue the services being provided.
  • Any kind of mismanagement in the payment method will be considered as fraud and the consequences can be severe.

BlurSPY can sue you for infringing their privacy rules too. Apart from termination, the legal team of BlurSPY is also very active and keen in order to maintain the dignity and credibility. Anyone who will go against the law will have to face the penalty.

Respecting the credibility:

BlurSPY has its own dignity and has allied with some noteworthy institutions. The users are bound to keep this dignity intact and any kind of defamation will be considered as a serious offense. The affiliates of BlurSPY seeks equal respect from the users. If you are found not following any of the rules and a lawsuit is filed against you, you will have to cooperate with BlurSPY to resolve the matter.


BlurSPY’s users and affiliates are not promised to be paid for any of the damages to services. Exceptional cases take place when BlurSPY is already informed about an expected damage. If this happens BlurSPY holds the responsibility of resolving the matter and paying for the damage, but not otherwise.

Rights of BlurSPY:

All the information such as bookmarks, codes, copyrights etc. all are in possession of BlurSPY and the user cannot demand access to them. A user is only allowed to use the services which he pays for and those are limited to tracking and monitoring not maintaining the website.


The user has to agree to the following terms in order to proceed:

  • He will not alter and damage BlurSPY software.
  • He will not affect the working of BlurSPY features according to his choice.
  • The source code and other important data are BlurSPY’s possession and a user will not try to get access to it.
  • A user will never sell his account to a third party and will not share the services with any third party.
  • A user will not try to infringe the legal rights of the company. Making commercial use of BlurSPY software by the user is entirely against the rules.
  • The company does not allow a user to share his information so as to avoid leakage of data. User’s private information and credentials are solely his own responsibility.

Software updates:

BlurSPY may undergo modifications and updates with time, in which case users will be notified about the changes taking place. They will again be asked about their consent for new policies.

Payment policy:

The customer has to pay in order to avail the services of BlurSPY. This payment is for a limited period of time, after which a customer will have to renew it. The payment is done via your debit or credit card to BlurSPY and is used as your subscription fee. The packages may vary in duration and you may need to choose the right one of your choice. After its completion, you will have to pay again if you wish to continue using BlurSPY services. If you want to end it, it will automatically be ended after your subscription period.


If you want to terminate your contract with BlurSPY before time, you can do it with ease. All your data will be deleted from BlurSPY website and you will be removed from their customer list. But if you cancel the agreement, BlurSPY is not legally bound to reimburse your deposited money. You will have to bear the loss of ending it before the agreed time. If you do not follow the rules of the company and are caught trying scam, your agreement will be canceled, without any payment from BlurSPY!

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