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Track Cell Phone Without the Installation of Software on Target Phone is a Fraud

Did you know that stealing something from your neighbor’s house without his permission is a crime? The obvious answer as you all very well know is “YES” and while answering this question you all might rate this question as a foolish one because, everyone knows the answer to this simple and easy question, but when we talk about someone’s intellectual and personal data its integrity and privacy than we completely forget that the same rules apply on this type of data which are applicable on all personal belongings. In some countries people do not classify intellectual property as something which should not be stolen, they continue to steal other people content and current location (which is an intellectual property) without providing proper reference and even without giving proper credit and without knowing that the patent, trademarked and copyright work should not be used carelessly or concerned authorities will take proper action against them. No proper education is provided to the students regarding this matter this is the reason why even after growing up they don’t know anything about plagiarism and other common Cyber Crimes.

What is intellectual property:

Intellectual property can be defined as something that gives ownership to the creator or inventor of design or some idea who came up first with it. This simply means that once the idea or creation of the concerned person is registered through patent, trademark or copyright than after that no one else reuses or copy that artwork or information without the permission from the creator. If someone crosses the line and steals some work which is being protected by a patent or copyright than the law enforcement agencies will stand by in favor of the owner of that intellectual property thus taking serious actions against those who violate the law.

Cell Phone Tracking Without Using Software on Target Phone:

If you are tracking someone without using any software on his/her target phone than it is completely illegal and is defined as a crime/fraud. If you are caught doing so than you may be severely punished by the concerned authority for this act because after getting caught the culprit will have a hard time justifying the fact that you don’t know the person and even then you were keeping an eye on him without any negative intention. In this type of crime, the attacker is actively tracking the live location of some stranger who is completely unaware of being monitored thus his intellectual and personal property is being compromised.

Cell Phone Spy Using software on Target Phone:

After installing a mobile spy app like “BlurSPY” on the target smartphone is completely legal because it can only be done if and only if the installer of that spy tool has direct access to the android phone of the person, he wants to install spy software in. This authorizes him to install whatever he wants in that device. If someone that close to you is installing spying software on your smartphone than it must be in some constructive way.


Whether you are tracking someone by using some software on the target phone or you are just tracking anyone smartphone without installing any software on the target phone both of these are ethically and morally bad deeds excluding constructive uses like parenting and keeping an eye on the employee. In the first case where you are tracking someone by using the spy software, in this case you can get away even after being reported by the person who was being tracked because you had a direct connection with that person and he/she gave you permission to do whatever you want on his/her personal smartphone by handing it over to you and you can get away with this excuse but if you are caught in the second case than most probably you will have no possible explanation and you may be severely punished by the concerned authority. This article is based on my personal experience and views, it should not be taken into account as lawful advice. If you are going to use any Android monitoring software you should always pursue professional legal advice.

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