7% Teen in the USA Have Had Sex before 13 and Parents Shouldn’t Ignore It

7% Teen in the USA Have Had Sex Before 13 – Parents Shouldn’t Ignore It

The latest study published in JAMA Pediatrics found out that between 3.6% and 7.6% of teens in the US before the age of 13 have had sex. The findings of the study are alarming. They have also talked about different ethnic and racial differences in terms of having sex for teens. When it comes to the different regions in the US, the study found varying results.

More Black Teens As Compared To White Teens Had Sex

In San Francisco, the percentage was 5%, while it was 12% in Houston and Texas and in Memphis and Tennessee, it was 25%. When it comes to ethnic variation, 19% of non-Hispanic black teens reported having had sex before 13 whereas this percentage in non-Hispanic white was 9%. The researchers of the study concluded that men and teens start having sex early in their lifes.

Teens Whose Moms are not Educated are more likely to have Sex

Furthermore, the study noted that teens whose mothers didn’t have college degrees were more likely to have sex before 13. The study carries a number of serious issues. We are going to talk about the lessons for parents and how this issue can be resolved. What parents need to do is discussed in the following sections of the blog.

Lessons For The Parents

We have learned from the findings of the study that a growing number of teens start having sex at an early age. Men and male teens are more likely to do so. But it should be noted they have had sex with girls so the same number of teen girls also have sex at a young age. For parents, these findings should be serious and they can’t ignore the facts.

One other lesson we learned here is that black men or teens are more likely to have sex before 13 as compared to white. The study didn’t quote any solid reason for this. However, they found that teens whose mothers are not highly educated tend to have sex. This shows, that mothers who don’t get an education see results in the behavior of their kids.

Lastly, parents should note that parental control over the kids is the most important thing in shaping the behavior of teens. Parents who know about such things have better control over their children as compared to parents who don’t educate themselves and read about teen issues.

Parents Shouldn’t Ignore the Findings

The findings of the study can never be ignored. Especially, the parents should take these really seriously. It is about the life of their teens and young kids. There is also a dire need to understand why teens have sex at a young age and what factors contribute the most. In our analyses, we have learned that the use of smartphones, the internet, social media, and dating sites are the major reasons.

Parents Need To Take the Challenge Seriously

The use of smartphones and the internet is growing among teens. This screen addiction has grown over the years and teens have become less active in their studies.

Smartphones, Internet, Social Media, and Dating Sites Are Major Reasons:

Social media and dating sites are also hubs of many other issues. More than 52% of American teens reported they were bullied on the social media site, Facebook. This is just one effect. Predators, sexting, and body shaming are the other things in the form of results that parents need to be serious about. All these issues can be fixed if the parents understand the major cause and take steps to deal with it. That is the use of smartphones and the internet.

Social Media & Dating Sites Have Provided Teens with Platforms To Meet New People Find Their Matches & Start Relationships. This Also Leads To Teenage Pregnancy Problem

What Parents Need To Do?

Dealing with teens and stopping early sex can be easy if the parents take serious steps in the right direction. The first thing parents need to do is to get better control over their kids. This can be done when parents use BlurSPY teen monitoring app.

Use Of BlurSPY Teen Monitoring App:

BlurSPY app is perfect for parents who want to keep an eye on their kids and improve parental control. BlurSPY is very helpful when it comes to tracking teens and monitoring their activities. The app offers a good number of features that parents will need to use to spy on their kids, track their locations, learn about their drug addiction, and sneak into their phones.

BlurSPY Helps Parents’ Sexual Relationships In Teens

With regular monitoring, parents will find out if their teens are using any drugs, meet any strangers, and go to unknown and new places. These habits will be helpful in dealing with addicted teens. Parents can then sit with such teens and guide them about the dangers of drugs and help them quit them.


A growing number of teens are having sex and this should be a challenge for parents. With the use of the BlurSPY app, parents can prevent such things and improve their parenting in the digital world.

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