Using Smartphones While Eating Makes Us Fat -How to handle it in Kids?

Using Smartphones While Eating Makes Us Fat and How to handle it in Kids?

A lot has been written on obesity and the possible reasons why people get fat. A new study has just sparked the debate as it has hit the right point when it comes to the sense of the people. This was an independent study carried out by the researchers and they have come up with an interesting finding that distractions during eating make us fat.

We see that nowadays, a lot of people are obese. Just in the UK, obesity has become a huge problem. So this study will help us find out what is wrong with the kids and why they are getting fat. With the help of this study, we can take better care of children and protect them from the possible dangers of obesity.

Distractions during Eating

According to the latest reports, more than 13 million kids in the USA are obese. When we move to other countries, we see the numbers are not different. It has been seen that the new generations are fatter than the older ones. Kids born in recent years gained more weight and that too quickly. Scientists have tried a lot to find out the reasons. Various findings were presented but those did not help to control it.

Distractions Make Kids Fat.

Now a new study has found out that distractions during eating make us gain more weight. How? The study says that when people watch TV while they are eating, they are more likely to eat after that as well. The same is true when you are using your smartphone and eating your food. You will definitely eat after that. By the way, digital distractions are not good for work either.

Not Paying Attention to What We Eat Makes Us Eat More.

The findings say that not paying attention to what we are eating makes us eat more. When it becomes a habit, people become fat. Nowadays, kids and children follow this path and they become careless about what they are eating. Children do not pay attention to their food and enjoy phones, games, TV, movies, and other stuff.

Smartphones and Eating Dinner

Nowadays, 90% of kids and children have access to phones and more than 50% of these have their own devices. With smartphones and the internet, everything is possible for teens. They spend most of their time using phones to watch videos, browse social media, and check dating apps. A recent report found out that terrorists use social media to attract kids and this should worry all parents.

However, the most important point in the independent study reported by Mail Online was the use of smartphones. In the report, it has been remarked that using smartphones while eating makes children eat more food. As they do not pay attention to what they are eating, this leads to obesity. This is the reason, why a huge number of kids are obese at a very young age.

It becomes extremely important for parents to take notes of this study and do something to protect their children. With this, parents can take serious measures. If no steps are taken, more kids will become obese in the future and parents will just regret all this.

The Possible Reason for Obesity in Children

There are a number of reasons when it comes to why people gain weight and become fat. But we are going to talk about the most relevant and possible ones. Controlling these reasons will ensure better health of the children.


It goes without saying that when someone is distracted and continues to eat, this will make him eat more food. This will eventually lead to more weight. Teens do this to a large extent and the parents cannot figure out why their kids are getting weight.


The second and most important reason is the use of smartphones. The study shows that the use of smartphones while eating leads to more weight. As the kids are not paying attention to what they eat, they will end up consuming more food later.

TV and Other Media

Smartphones, TV, and other media also play this role to make kids and children eat more food. It ultimately leads to more weight and the kids become fat.

Dealing with Child Obesity

In light of these findings, it becomes important for parents to take measures. As more kids are gaining weight, parents should be careful about this and help them maintain their health. Following are some measures parents can take in this regard.

Use of BlurSPY App

A number of options are available in this regard. But the best and the most suitable one are to use the mobile spy app. This refers to the use of parental control apps. BlurSPY is the best app in the market. With this app, parents can protect their kids and take better care of them.

BlurSPY offers a wide range of features to its users. When it comes to the top features, these include the location tracker, feature for checking text messages, phone call management, screen recorder, monitoring internet history, and other options.

As the app allows parents to track smartphones, it becomes easy to know if the kids are using smartphones while eating their food. The parents will install the app on the target phone, turn on the feature and start tracking their children. It will be a lot easy to track the kids and check their phone activities. Parents can thus prevent obesity and help kids control their weight.


Use of smartphones while eating food leads to eating more food and thus weight gain. However, parents can prevent this with the help of the BlurSPY Android Spy app and help their kids maintain their fitness level and control their weight as well.

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