VK Tracking Software

Spy on VK Social Media Platform with BlurSPY App

Like many other social networking sites, VK is also a popular site. The Russian social site looks just like Facebook when it comes to its interface and newsfeed style. What makes VK so popular is there is no scrutiny of content. That means, any kind of content is shared here and it also includes adult material.

VK is popular among young as well as teens. The site offers entertainment but using it too much is never safe. For kids, this platform can be dangerous as they share too many details, private photos as well as locations when they are hanging out with friends.

Spy on VK with Screen Recorder

Parents can track and monitor VK with BlurSPY App. There are two ways to spy on VK. The first option is to use the screen recorder that allows parents to capture the screen of the app and see what kids are sharing, liking, commenting and who they even talk to on VK.

  • Install BlurSPY app on the device of your kid.
  • Go to the dashboard by using your credentials.
  • Find the screen recorder and turn it on.
  • Once it is activated, the feature will start tracking VK.
  • Parents will see the screen of the app and everything going on there.

Spy on VK with Keylogger

Another to spy on VK is to use the keylogging feature. This feature allows users to detect the keyboard, words, and sentences used. The keylogger actually works in a different way. The keywords used on any device while using an app are detected and changed into sentences for a clear message. Follow these tips to use this feature:

  • Install the app on the target phone or device.
  • Go to your account and dashboard section.
  • Find keylogging feature and activate it.
  • As you turn it on, the keylogger will detect the keywords.
  • All the text and sentences typed while using VK will be shown to the parents.
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